Monday, May 27, 2013

Jambo! Welcome to the Jungle

The spring show went off with out a hitch for the students.  But for this mom of many which include 3, 3 and under it was tough.

 photo IMG_1024_zps60a136db.jpg

The babies were everywhere.  They ran, they played anything but sit or let me and mema watch the show.

The big kids they had another great performance.  Unfortunately I did not get to video tape this one because of the tiny team but I got a few shots of them.

Before the play there was an art show and here is goofy Gregory and his frog.

 photo IMG_0992_zpsff1a713f.jpg

What a ham.

Gregory is in the pink shirt.  This is his class singing song to the Aesop's fable the lion and the mouse.

 photo IMG_1003_zps5a26876f.jpg

Gregory was a story teller in the play.

 photo IMG_1008_zps78d69146.jpg

Evan in the blue with his class.

 photo IMG_1012_zps693ff390.jpg

All the lower el students participated in the this play.  The 4-12 students did a differnt production following it.  I did not get to see it.

 photo IMG_1015_zps6999c219.jpg

At one point they ran out and circled the room?

 photo IMG_1017_zpse3a8192c.jpg

 photo IMG_1018_zps31709c18.jpg

Next year I will need to get a baby sitter so I can actually watch.  But the night before all  the kids had done so well at the circus but here, at school,  nope. You just could not see the students preform at school and that was part of the problem.

We tried to get a pictures of all at the end of the play and...

 photo IMG_1025_zpsefb7b821.jpg

 photo IMG_1026_zpsc1cb46c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1027_zps4315112d.jpg

That kinda sums up the night.  Oh well one more event closer to summer!

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