Thursday, August 18, 2011

A picture from the past but shouldn't be

Wow nothing can get you motivated to lose some weight and change your looks like seeing an old photo. Jay is now back from Washington and he brought with him a few old photos he found around his dads house. Old photos from when we still lived in Washington old photos that are 10 years old. Before babies, before 4 babies, and a decade of real life.

I look at them and remember the times. I remember how crazy googliey eyed we were for each other. I remembered how hot we were.



We both were a couple of sizes smaller and our best accessories was the smile on our faces. We were so in love. The world was carefree. We were kidless running around focusing on us.

However, fast forward 10 years. We don't quite look like that anymore. Both of us have put on weight. Both of us are really good cooks though and enjoyed those meals. My weight has gone from around 100 pounds in those photos to almost 200 pounds just before I delivered. We look a little more worn. Years of stress, bills, extended family worries, our family, children have added a wrinkle or two. Nothing Photoshop can't fix :) But those pictures are not our life anymore. I miss that life.

But now life is


Me takeing care of kids, a house, and a husband. My days are pushing kids on the swings in our toy filled back yard.


No longer in designer clothes but STILL!!!! maternity pants and just a t shirt and it most likely will have spit up on it. Hair pulled up so baby wont get it. Not wearing jewelry because realistically what I touch throughout the days is gross. I don't want it to get ruined or fall out of its post. And like I said weighing close to 40 pounds more.

Being a mom has changed me. And I love it. I love these kids. But I do believe there needs to be a bit more balance.


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Karen said...

Wow! What great old pictures of you and your husband. It's fun to pull out pictures from years ago and reminisce. By the way, you still look just as beautiful! Life changes for sure. But, I try to remind myself that someday I'll look back at pictures from now and feel all nostalgic too.

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