Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red Neck Taxi

This was just too funny, too redneck. We were up at the lake and heard a loud engine. Then up the street came a tractor pulling a flatbed caring on it 2 canoes, a cooler, 2 lawn chair just sitting on this flatbed with 2 (I'm guessing) intoxicated rednecks in them. The biggest smile of disbelief and laughter came across Jay and my face.


They pulled right in front of us. The driver looking all the part of a goofy redneck frat boy in his sun hat. He got in position to parallel pack the "taxi".


And then he did. This can't be the first time they have done this.


But it might be the last.



Coastalpines said...

This post is hysterical ~ really, really funny!!

Visiting from FF&P's :)

"Say What?" said...

That is ROFLOL funny! :o) Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from FF&P.

Kerri said...

Bwahhaha! SO funny! It is crazy the things people do - especially young men!
Thanks for playing along with FF&P {semi} wordless wednesday! :)

Arielle said...

ha that is HILARIOUS!!! New follower from Flip Flop % Pearls Blog Hop :)

Meryl said...

Sweet! Thanks for the laugh!

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