Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gregory's first game

Last week was Gregory's first soccer game of the season.  It was much anticipated and we all went out to watch.

He is a good soccer player and it does not hurt he is fast.  This year he moved up teams.  He is still playing for his school but on the 2-3 team.  This means it is beginning to look like real soccer.  There are more players on the field and they have a goalie.

And he got to be the goalie.

He really enjoyed.  Gregory even stopped the ball a few times.  He did great kicking it but some pratice is still needed.

Faith and Dad watched questionably.

My Brother run and grab it!  Only you can use your hands.

Oh well he will learn and he is still my awesome brother.  I am so proud of him.

I wish I could have been on the other side for this photo.  To see his face.  To see; maybe hear what he was thinking when the little girl was coming at him like that.

I love watching there soccer.  Kids soccer games are the best.  But the best part is he had fun.

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