Friday, September 23, 2011

How did skating lessons go?

Good.  They really are not that bad.  And the teacher he was really helpful.  Lots of advice, pointers and safety bits.

This little guy my sweet Evan really shined.

Generally he is the shy one but he was all to happy to get up and try a ramp or two.

I was so proud of him.  He was all to willing.

He went down multiple runs.  I don't think he fell but he did trip off the board a few times.  But it did not stop him.  He would get back up top and go down again.

Awesome job Evan!

Gregory, who I thought would just stand out well...was just to busy.

Too busy yapping.  He was talking the teachers head off about anything and everything.  But he did get on his board.

He did try one ramp and fell off on another.  But different than usual and different than his brother he was not to thrilled about getting back up on it.  He still did good.  They both did.  They both had a good time.  My little skaters.

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