Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The happiest sex offender

When you think of sex offenders you tend to think of?  The dirtiest of sum in nasty dark places where society has left them and rightly so.  People you don't like, don't want to be around, and probably judge pretty heavily.  When you think of sex offenders do you think of someone like him?

No, I don't either.  A well groomed, good looking very happy man.  This was the front page of our local newspaper.  This is what you saw in all the newspaper dispensers all over the area.  This is misleading.  I was so taken back by the happiest sex offender I opened it up wondering what?

I opened it up to find...

Our superior local paper lives up to it well deserved reputation.  Dumb Asses.

Ugh sometimes I HATE living in such small towns.

This is an article about this pictured police officer checking up on sex offenders and making sure they are doing what they should be.  He is not the sex offender.  But you would never know if you looked at the folded front page.  Can you imagine his mothers shook as she walked by a newsstand?!  Can you imagine the razzing he got from his fellow officers.  Can you believe the editor who did not look this layout over.  Wow.


Karen said...

Ok. I'm laughing. Wow! And that's quite the post title.

Michelle said...

Niiice. Poor guy!!

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