Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hate painting

I hate painting, I really do. I do not like anything about it. I can never choose a color I like once it is on the walls. I don't like the way you can see brush strokes opposed to roller glides. I don't like the way the roller globs it heavier on spots. One of my friends told me it is not supposed to be like that and I just don't know how to paint. That may be the case but under frustration I do it sometimes.

Once the roof was finished they finished the entry way. Put up the drywall and spackled it. Now it needed to be primed. In the living room the celing had got its first coat of celing paint but need some touch ups. It was never getting done. I watched cans of celing and wall paint just sit there. I grew more and more frustrated as I would trip over all the stuff that need to go back into that room. However nothing can go back in until it is all painted and the floors laid which is waiting on it to be painted. SO I picked up a brush and started painting.


See my kid in the back ground? Besides the fact I don't like to paint that was the other reaason I did not want to. I have 4 kids to watch. If I am painting they can get into a lot! If I am covered in paint I can't pick up a screaming baby. As soon as I start someone will need fed, changed or bandaged. But I went for it and as I guessed it was a disaster. Baby luckily slept, the middle two fought, everyone needed things , it went so bad and ended up in me falling off a stool into a 5 gallon bucket of primer! I was furious. My leg was covered in paint and so waas the floor where I landed on one of my sons. My flip flop was ruined and the floor has a huge mess of a paint puddle and from the accident spot to the kitchen sink and then shower had paint footprints now too.


I still managed to get it done. Everything was primmed. Now that it was done I could paint this celing too when I did the touch ups in the other room.

Another brave day I got out the celing paint wand went for it. How unsatisfying painting white on white. So a few days later I got out the wall paint and started painting the walls a brown. Gasp I hated it. I went to differnt spots in the walls and tried it in all places hoping I might like it better in a differnt area. It was so DARK. It looked so thick. And then it dried and looked so uneven and what had I picked out. I did a second coat just hoping and let it dry figuring I could always paint over it. The second coat did not look to bad once it was on and I had been around it for a while. I figured I would just finish.

I had my baby princess with me to keep her safe from her brothers who I had put a long movie on for and left with cookies to keep them occupied. But they can't resist wanting to paint. They were constantly comming in bugging me to paint and I kept saying no because I wanted the ugly color to look nice not like a kindergartner did it. However after enough wearing down I figured why not? I would need a second coat anyways so why not let them help with the first. It would make them happy and keep them in my eye sight.


They loved to paint!


Smiley started doing a happy dance. Evan soon joined in. It was so cute and made me laugh. What goes through their heads?


It took forever to paint. I stayed up till 1:30 in the morning before I gave up and said I will finish later. But a lot got done. The color is still dark and the room is to little for shuch a rich color but it is growing on me and I like it SOOO much better than the drywall white. I like that I am moving forward.


I will finish the rest soon. I can't wait for it to be done. I hate to paint.

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Karen said...

You described so well why it's almost impossible to do any sort of home improvement project when you have small children! And, forgive me but I gasped and then giggled just a little when I read the part about you falling into the bucket of primer! But, I'm sure that when it happened you definitely were NOT giggling. Well, anyway, kudos to you for a job well done and actually completing it despite all the distractions. It looks really nice!

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