Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Tea

Thursday I was honored to attend a Mothers Day Tea with my son Evan. We both were looking forward to this special time for the two of us. He had been making a special vase for me and getting things ready with his class for a week and he could not wait, me either.


I went to his school were he served me a special lunch and he presented me with my Evan made vase.


I love it and aren't the orange flowers to cool!

But even more than I love the vase I love my little guy. See the way he looks at me total love. What a great kid!


I love these type of special days. I love doing special things alone with each kid. They are so different and all so dear. Love for them will never decrees. Love for them is displayed all around in there beautiful gifts.


I prayed for each kid and for each kid I am over the moon thankful. They made me a mother, what I love to be. Oh how I love my kids. I also love my mom so to her a happy mothers day too, to all the mom out there!


And it is not that I don't have a more recent picture of my mom than one from the mid 90's but my husband keeps moving them around on the computer and I can never find them again. I will take more soon.



Anonymous said...

How fun!! Good for you for taking pictures and making note of this time.

Happy Mothers Day to you!

Cory said...

Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day! Loved the tea pics - so special!!

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