Sunday, June 8, 2014

no computer

Our home computer died, unrecoverably dead.  Which means my little bit of blogging is now none.  I can't share any pictures. I can't share links all I can do is type on my tablet with one finger so this will be short.  Not having the computer has been a blessing in some ways.  Jay thought it would be a good idea to put all his passwords and some of ours, none of mine into a password generator program.  That makes up difficult passwords so people can't hack you.  You can access them from your computer but you don't know the passwords either it automatically puts them in.   I won't let him touch my stuff with good reason because now that the computer is dead he can't access any of his stuff but I also can't access eBay or PayPal.  The bright side is I am saving money not buying things.  The bad part is I can't sell anything.  I have a bunch of stuff that is summer clothes I need to sell but can not.

I do have my tablet and he his phone so that will have to hold us and have to do.  However I will try to hen peck a few posts :)
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