Saturday, February 16, 2008

Camera Shy

He is such a "cheeser". You bring out a camera and he immediately wants his picture took. He loves to watch himself on videos. I just love to be with him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

At our house it has been valentines day for a week. I love this holiday. There is so much fun to celebrate love and make sure the ones you hold dear know it. The children have been making cards and handing them out to their friends, and our neighbors.
I am so proud of their giving and thoughtfulness. They had cards to each other and us all the time. It is inspiring to type with their beautiful card in front of me. I love them SO very much.
We had a valentines breakfast this morning. Pink pancakes, in you guessed it heart shapes. This is my little guys love robot shirt, hindsight, I should have put it on him AFTER he ate syrup or took a picture before.
My kids love balloons, espically Evan. We have 3 left. We started out with a dozen. It was hard to drive home.

just love this one


Mommy Loves her boys

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby got a new hat!


Ice Fest

Boy is it cold outside. I came home to 9 degrees this morning. Frigid. Many of you have thick blood but not me. If I get cold it is hard to get warm. I like the winter months I like our four seasons but it is very hard to be cold. However, come the cold bring out the ice sculptures. We went to this years annual ice fest. It was wonderful. So many great and beautiful sculptures. it is the first time the children had ever been and they loved to find sculptures. My oldest would run up the side walks as fast as the crowds would allow and yell "SCULPTURE!!!" Then Daddy would catch up to Gregory's quick response take a picture of me. Where Daddy did take a few but if we would have took one for every sculpture you would never finish reading this entry.

This was my favorite as well as the brothers. What great ability!
This was not nearly the biggest.
My sweet snowmen.
Oh no baby don't kick it. I guess enough is enough for a 2 year old.

Chili Cook Off

Oh those 3 words cook up such a picture in my head. I love chili cook offs! The competition, the smell, the community, and most of all the Chili. Yes that wonderful concoction that everybody puts together a little different. And I get to taste the all.

I was born in Texas and eventually moved to Washington D.C only to settle in with a church and community that was also native Texan. I really mean it too. For instance: 3 of my direct across the street and next door neighbors all came up from Texas too and last living in the same part I was from Galveston/ Houston.


My parents would drag me to all sorts of chili cook offs and now we are dragging my kids. It is no nice to be able to continue this event that I love with my DH and now my little boys. Only to be made better by the fact that my parents are still coming too.


Wipe your nose

Whats just as bad as having a cold but my employees pointing out my nose is running. Thank You. As I can no longer even feel it due to the soreness you get from blowing it all the time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


No he is not mine. But he is so sweet and cute. I helped deliver him! I can't wait to be pregnant again! Hopefully sooner than latter.

Its him its so him

I made this of my husband and I captured him completely. He is a wonderful man who I love very much. He is a stay at home dad who is politically involved sharing his 2 cents every chance he gets. His favorite commentator is Dennis Miller. I put this Dennis sign with him to to all honesty I don't know to which Dennis it refers. I am not politically involved. But I love my husband quarks and all. Also when I first met him he did not even own a pair of jeans now that is all he wears.

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I hate groundhogs!

At least today and for 6 more weeks. Yes that is what I said 6 more weeks. Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Well with February and March ahead of us I did not really expect any different. Although it would be nice to be warm again!
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