Monday, October 31, 2011

Guess who has been hanging out here?

Yup the jolly red man Kris Kringle , St. Nick.. Santa Clause.

He has been having breakfast and dinner with us for some time now.  I know how much people hate rushing the holidays and how much distaste there is for Christmas decorations at labor day, before Halloween even thanksgiving.  But as soon as the countdown hit 99 days we got Santa from the shed and have enjoyed him everyday since.

The boys are getting excited.  I am too.  A lot of shopping is done.  No other decorations are out.  For the next month we will focus on Thanksgiving but then after black Friday it will be all Christmas around here.  I am so excited, I am so hopeful, I know what I want for Christmas.  ( A good camera, my family, wink wink)

But truly I am looking forward to reading Luke again this holiday season.  What a way to prepare your heart, mind and home for the real reason for the season.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

So it snowed

A lot.  In October.  And some people like snow, but not me.  I so want to move.  But if it has to snow this was the way to do it.  It snowed on Saturday, when there was not much going on.  Nothing we could not get out of.  I still can't believe it snowed.  We have had Halloweens in shorts and bundled up so it really should not surprise me.  I kept hearing the weather reports and assumed they were wrong.  But not wrong enough to tarp up some of the big wheels in the back yard, pick up the toys, move all kinds of stuff and grills into the shed, and bring in 3 bags of pellets.  I loaded up the car with extra clothes 2 pairs of gloves, shovel and brush.  I called my parents who were vacationing in the Poconos and said I think you need to come home.  The weather man is calling for a lot of snow, they have all ready called snow emergency in many of the boroughs, they canceled all school events in all the counties.  You might get stuck if you can't get home.  I felt bad saying end your vacation but they would FREAK out if I even walked in a storm like we got let alone traveled the east coast states in it so  why should they drive in it.  I would worry too.  And they came back home.  They left late in the evening and did not get home till midnight but they beat the storm that then we were thinking we might only get.  And we got it, they 2 states away got it to.  But we all got it safe in our homes.

It was a long day.  However it was a nice day of cuddling up with the kids, nothing to do and nowhere to go, like I said at the beginning if it had to snow this day was great for it.  It started coming down light, like a little dusting.

It covered my dead mum that I would not through away yet because I figured how perfect for Halloween.  I draped it in skeletons and wha-la a spooky Halloween decoration, now covered in snow, the dusting.  By the time it was done the mu was pushed down and the snow reached the black line on the big pot.

It covered non dead mums that were alive and vibrant in the yard.

Then picked up.  It started sticking on the roads, on my uninteresting mailbox.

Sadly it took down our "family" tree, Evan named it.  But I do like it, well like what a strong healthy one looks like anyways.  It was never to big due to lack of pruning but no matter how big it was or should have been it got ruined now.

The heavy wet snow pulled  it down to the ground, looks like a tree.  I will try to save it.

On the flip side the rose of Sharon bushes that were just the other day taller than the fence, again due to lack of pruning, now too look like bushes.  They are also broke but I believe can most likely come back.

The kids were begging to play outside.  I was hesitant but I gave in.

Evan rolled large snowballs

Into a fort that Gregory was building and Smiley was kicking.

Catching snowflakes is so much fun.

They came back in quickly.  Why I was hesitant.  They were dripping wet.  This snow was a HEAVY WET snow.  They were soaked in minutes.  Not like they walked in the rain like I pulled them out of the washing machine before the spin cycle, soaked.

I am glad they came in because it picked up.  It kept coming down faster and harder.  Wet and heavy.  The snow was so thick.

It laid so quick and kept coming down.  Soon our Halloween was a winter wonderland.  It was beautiful.

The heavy snow caused so much damage.  It snapped trees, broke power lines, a lot of havoc.  We had power for the most part.  It was flickering on an off all day.  In the light of the day the kids made jokes about it as the day turned to night the were scared.  Every time it went out they cried.  But since it was Halloween we had all kinds of spooky candle lights around, perfect huh?  We had glow stick that they wore around there neck.  They were happier.  My parents had no power for more than 14 hours, a street up no power for more than 10, I was SO fortunate for what we had.  And as far as my parents are concerned they have a generator and it is more than sufficant.  We would have headed down there if we could have traveled the roads.

But we stayed in and we were warm and well fed, I along with half of the east coast went shopping Friday. We watched in awe.  It just kept coming deeper and deeper.  I never took Faith out in it.  I did not even let her touch it.  I regret that but on the other hand it is so cold she would have very much not enjoyed it.  She will have more chance this year.   But she liked watching it.

I liked watching it too but I got worried about the weight.

That tree behind the swingset, that big tree.  It kept getting lower and lower as the day went on.  That was the story all around the area.  Due to how early this storm came the trees have not dropped there leaves yet.  It added to the weight.  Trees could not bare it and breaking and breaking sheds, homes, blocking roadways.  I watched this one out my kitchen window all day.  As worried as I was it stood together.  

We went out today, we headed down worry some roads to church.  But they were fine, we were fine. By 3 pm today it was in the 40's and will be so tomorrow too.  So it is all melting quick.  We will move on to our normal tomorrow.  A little different but a memorable Halloween weekend none the less.


 October 29 we got hit with a major SNOW storm.  My boys were so happy.  However I am not so sure about Jack.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween has come and gone here in my part of Pennsylvania.  And that is good because today I am buried under more than half a foot of snow and it is still falling.  I have mentioned this every year but I will explain our Halloween again.  The local boroughs celebrate Halloween always the Thursday before the 31st.  It is our way to keep the kids and the drunks off the road at the same time

Thursday it rained.  It rained soaking rains all day.  As I was getting the children dressed for trick or treating it was still raining.  I thought lets still go but this might be a short night.  It was a cold night too.  However as we walked to our friends to join the gang the rain let up and it never started again.

We have been trick or treating with the same group for years since we moved here.  I love the yearly picture.  It is fun to see how big everyone is getting.  Now some people are not in the picture each time but to keep that many people still and together is impossible.  For instance Smiley is not in here. He was  so fast.

But I did capture a few of him.  This year he was spongebob.  He loves spongebob.  Gregory was the red power ranger. And Evan was a pirate.  We always try to have a theme and this year they just started picking out costumes but the theme kind of came together as tv characters.  :(  not cutesy anymore.  Hopefully next year I can have an awesome family costume.

Sadly because of the rain and quickness needed to watch smiley I did not get Faith in any of those picture but she was there.  Can you guess what she was?  I bet you are thinking princess but no.  She was a little pumpkin.  All my kiddos start out as pumpkins.

And with my friends daughter who is also a Faith.  Olivia Faith but that's okay.

They loved getting the candy.  Smiley did not understand not eating it as soon as he got it but he like trick or treating and his brother tried to help.

Faith did not trick or treat she just enjoyed her binky and bundled up for the ride.

This year had a big first too.  It was the first year the boys carved there own pumpkins.  With NO help from mom.  I was there I supervised but they did it all.

They piced out or created there own design.  Scooped out all the guts.

And worked hard at carving them.

I think they did a good job.



I did not let Smiley crave a pumpkin nor was his big enough to carve but under the guidance of his brothers he painted one.

I think they came out great.

Now on to the next holiday and off to shovel snow.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To all who have NOT been drinking tonight

But look at these and you may think otherwise.  Just some pictures for fun.

Are the shapes spinning slowly?

How many legs does this elephant have?

Are you getting confused?  DO your eyes just hurt?

Does it look like the pictures are moving?

Are you sure you haven't been drinking?

Have a goodnite!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're a liar

There is no way
It just can not be true

You are going to tell me she is 7 months old!?!

Sure time goes so quick but has it lapsed 7 months?

I don't believe it either.

But I can't deny it.  You are 7 quick, fast AMAZING months old now.

And we are all still enamored with you.

Faith you are the light of my day.  The cuddle bug in night.  The best girly girl.  Love in the form of a baby.

You are everything and more.  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

We ALL do!

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