Sunday, June 8, 2014

no computer

Our home computer died, unrecoverably dead.  Which means my little bit of blogging is now none.  I can't share any pictures. I can't share links all I can do is type on my tablet with one finger so this will be short.  Not having the computer has been a blessing in some ways.  Jay thought it would be a good idea to put all his passwords and some of ours, none of mine into a password generator program.  That makes up difficult passwords so people can't hack you.  You can access them from your computer but you don't know the passwords either it automatically puts them in.   I won't let him touch my stuff with good reason because now that the computer is dead he can't access any of his stuff but I also can't access eBay or PayPal.  The bright side is I am saving money not buying things.  The bad part is I can't sell anything.  I have a bunch of stuff that is summer clothes I need to sell but can not.

I do have my tablet and he his phone so that will have to hold us and have to do.  However I will try to hen peck a few posts :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Spring Show2014

Since I had promised both sets of grandparents a blog post on Friday I figured I would do it.  I will do a recent one that they missed.  Even though I have not posted my Easter pics yet.  I wonder if it is to late.  There is a lot I have not posted but that's okay.  I will get to them sometime hopefully.  Instagram is the place to find us now days.  It is quick and easy and I love it.  Not only do I have an account but I let the big boys have one too.  A pretty locked down one but it has been fun to share with them that way.

The Spring show 2014 it was good.  The kids, all of them did a great job.  The tiny team not so much, true to every event at that brothers school.  Unfortunately my camera batteries died there!  I was not able to get all the videos of them but 4 particles.

The upper el, middle school and high school did an American Voices play.  They would tell some about a few of the presidents and important american, what  they are know for there views and influence that had.  It was very good.  They would sing a song from the time period.  Gregory was a greaser from the 50's.  He did the Freddie with his slick back hair.  He is on the top far left side dancing except the end when he is in the middle.

Sorry if does not play I am having trouble because of copy right laws.

 photo IMG_6325_zpsd9cd60bb.jpg
This is the schools 4-12 grades with maybe a few kids missing.

During the hippie decade he held a love sign.

 photo gregsign_zpsdcec1eb5.jpg

That picture was from the schools website took during a rehearsal because by this time my camera was so very dead.

They sang so many songs but they also sang this little light of mine.  I taped it for the tiny team.

Evans group the lower el did a play called go fish.  It was cute and they too did a great job.  Evan and his best friends were all clown fish.  Evan is the one with the silver top hat, his choice in clown attire.

 photo IMG_6323_zpse2974bb0.jpg

They sang the cutest songs here are snidbits of 2 and a joke by Evan.

The tiny team loves to dance and sing to them too.  It's cute.

 photo IMG_6318_zps802613cc.jpg

And here is their schools 1-3 grade.  They are so little and so joyful.

It was another great spring show.  I am so glad I get to see them and have these memories of the boys childhood performances.

Maybe I will even update you on some other fun thing we have been doing, maybe and hopefully it wont take me a month again. sorry.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Monday

Easter Monday had to be the most beautiful day of the year.  It was gorgeous!  The weather was warm, it did not snow, the sun was shinning and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  With such a perfect day we headed downtown to the Nations Capitol.

 photo IMG_6103_zpsdcb89bed.jpg

Jay and I both had off work so I skipped school and and pulled the kids out of school and took the whole troop to the Smithsonian.

 photo IMG_6098_zpsc8e22743.jpg

Our main Smithsonian we wanted to see was the  Museum of Natural History.

 photo IMG_6055_zps68d42f5c.jpg

This museum is so incredibly awesome, well all of them are.  Another reason we wanted to go that week was by the end of the week they are closing the dinosaur exhibit for the next 5 years.  Yes five years.  They are doing a complete remodel of it and that is not easy.

 photo IMG_6058_zps0f7a2e46.jpg

Our kids are not that into dinos but they do like them.  If they did not have the chance to see them now they won't for quite a while.  And Smiley he is having a dinosaur birthday in June so why not get him hyped up now.  They had fun, so much fun.

 photo IMG_6068_zps2b551fc6.jpg

Baby kept running up to us and yelling RAAWW!!

 photo IMG_6070_zps68653dd8.jpg

 photo IMG_6065_zpsc4bc23b9.jpg

People used to tell me how much these two look a like.  I saw it but as their mom I always thought they look different too.  And the past few years I thought they were really growing their own looks.   However this picture, I do see their close looks but more so I see how much they are growing up.  It is not baby looks but I can see the teen looks developing.  Wipe the tears from my eye!

 photo 2when2_zps9d730c06.jpg

one of those two for a throw back Thursday.

It looks like the dinosaur is going to get them!

 photo IMG_6075_zps985bd93c.jpg

My little LOVES!!

 photo IMG_6078_zpsdb551deb.jpg

Even though the dinos were cool the boys are into gems, rocks and stones.  So after we saw the dino bones per their request we went to the gems and Hope diamond.

 photo IMG_6083_zps16e98a1a.jpg

They loved it here.

 photo IMG_6084_zps963a002e.jpg

The kids did so good this day.  They were well behaved and such a pleasure!  Well minus the tongue sticking out.

A beautiful day!

 photo IMG_6092_zpsfb08899c.jpg

We made our way over to the Air and Space Museam too.

 photo space_zps708f5aea.jpg

 photo space1_zps24d0b31c.jpg

They had fun there too.  And were able to touch so much more stuff.

 photo IMG_6100_zps7a704357.jpg

There were all these tepees on the Mall.  Protesting for something and I only know that much cause I saw a stop the pipe or something sign on the ground as we were trying to figure out why they were there.  Rule one of a good protest, let people know the cause.  Oh well the kids had fun running in and out of them.

 photo IMG_6106_zpscea0ee02.jpg

 photo IMG_6107_zpsf1527433.jpg

 photo IMG_6110_zpsbb179bac.jpg

 photo tepee_zpsdf138bf5.jpg

Why don't we go down there more often?

 photo IMG_6113_zpsf1146780.jpg

Its close, there is so much to do?

Maybe we will.  We had a great time and it was so worth it when the kids said so too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wiped out

Nothing makes you feel old like being wiped out after a day with your kids.  Yes I do say life is catching up with us.  Sometimes the go, go, go  hits you like a wall.  We are not trying to keep up with anyone, nor trying to schedule all daytime hours, nor trying to squeeze every moment out of life we can but we have been exponentially bust lately.  (kinda why I have not been on this blog in over a few two weeks and before only to what turned out to be a once a week update.)  Life moves fast.

So what is it that has kept us busy?

Work, both of us are working.

School, the kids are back to school, and I am trying to finish this semester.  That is always an incredible crunch time.

Easter, we have had weekend after weekend of Easter fun and though enjoyable it takes a lot of planning, organizing, and running.

Tball, I have only 1 kid in an activity right now but that still consumes many evenings.

Sickness, my daughter although feeling well are deep raspy chest coughing all night that keeps everyone up.

Today as I was getting ready for work I took a shower and laid down.  I set the alarm because I was exhausted and new I had a few extra minutes.  And I am so thankful I set it.  Because I fell asleep, hard.  I did not wake to my alarm but to my baby crying in her crib because the alarm kept going off and woke her.  It is a dark rainy day the kind you want to stay in bed or curl up and watch tv.  The motivation needed to get up and going is not there.

I have a few ideas how to work things out better, get more motivated and get moving more.  I will share them with you soon.  I have learned a few things is my 4 week money challenge of savings and want to share those too.  So good things, stores and hopefully helpful advice are yet to come, maybe just after an energy drink.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

March is over!

Whew we made it through the March birthday madness. We still have both mothers birthdays coming up later in April, but that feels like such a nice break till then.  Whew.  I am glad it is over and...just glad it is over.  My daughters birthday was the last of the March ones.  We had a bunch of things planed but the kids were just not their best.  We had lots of running to do to, and that all conflicted with my perfect mental image of a sweet princess/ Angelina Ballerina birthday for her.  However, she was BEAUTIFUL and still had a great time.  More than a few meltdowns from each child and I think at lest 2 from me.

 photo IMG_5878_zpse798c45a.jpg

She turned 3.  She is a grown up still my baby 3.  I am just as crazy about her now as ever maybe more.  This girl is AWESOME!

 photo IMG_5857_zpse71ec970.jpg

I know it is know almost a month past her birthday but that is because it is truly hard for me to find the time to blog anymore.  I try and try but..I am exhausted and always busy.  But that is why I love instagram.  You don't get the stories but you get a glimps about what is happening and really how many of you read what I right or just scroll through and look at the pictures anyways?

She wanted an Angelina Ballerina cake.  I could not find one, I did not have the time money or skill to make one, so I ordered her a princess Faith ballerina cake and she was over the moon she loved it!!  She still talks about "my Angelina cake with my head"  Although it was a bit weird eating Faith.

And the reason we now have back up plans/relighting plans for birthday cake candles.

 photo IMG_5867_zps11f4bdc3.jpg

They all laugh when it is not their birthday, but when baby blows out the candle on their special day oh they cry.  But each of the others did it when they were babies age too.

We went to watch Frozen again.  But this time in her new costume from  Ms. Ginny, she loves it and still wears it all the time!  Thank you.  And for the frozen microphone and Elsa doll they were perfect and she loves loves them.

I know this is not the best picture but here is baby watching her brother eat popcorn.  If you saw them she was astonished like oh that is how you do it.  And below is another bad picture.  Sorry it was dark in there.  My parents came to to see Faith on her birthday and help me out.  Can you believe they had not seen Frozen yet?!  How did anyone make it without seeing Frozen?

 photo IMG_20140322_184338_zpsc49f394d.jpg

Yay know idea what my oldest is doing.

 photo IMG_20140322_230200_zps3875515a.jpg

And a selfie of me and Smiley!  My love boy

The movie was great, again, again x8 or 9 times then.  It was so fun to see all the little girls dressed in their Frozen outfits.  Girls are such princesses.

It was a nice birthday even with some of the hardships.  And truly now nearly a month later I don't remember the stress, I just melt at the princess pictures.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 5 Savings

This was another bad week.  We spent a lot but some of it will be beneficial in the future.  Such as I paid for a camping trip.  When we go I will just have to pay for gas and food.  I bought Easter shirts for the boys and that does not happen but once a year.  I have the girls outfits already.  I still need pants and shoes for the kids but no doubt payless will have a BOGO going on.  It is funny I used to hate that store and through fits when my parents would take me there.  Still am not that fond of there shoes but last time we were there we got awesome deals on socks!  Cute socks too.

My splurges
Sickness has been running through the home.  I have been working with the girls on no more baby stuff.  Faith has been out of diapers for over a year and baby is now working towards it too.  Once a child turns 3 they have no more bubas (sippy cups) I took binkies (pacifiers) away form Faith somewhere around Christmas and once we lose them I was not replacing them, plus I am trying to ween baby off them too.  We were down to 3.  And they are always lost and I search for just 1.  With baby being so sick and non stop crying for days!!!  I caved and bought 2 more binkies.  -$7
New Sheriff Callie Birthday necklaces for the girls for Gracie's  Cowgirl Birthday, from etsy -$23
Paid for the reservation for a Labor day camping trip with our neighbors to Raytown Lake!  -$150
(non refundable!  so lets pray for great weather and good health!!)
Since I sat in front of the computer so much, I found out that Walgreen's had an "EGG"tra special deal everyday this week.  Recently we hast years of pictures.  Births of babies, holiday, the little moments.  This is the second time that has happened.  I took advantage of their free 8x10 collage picture deal.  And the I ordered a duplicate for my mom made another one too and got prints of all the pictures I used.  It cost me -$23 but is really priceless.
Surprises for my kids.  But from a thrift store.  They loved them -$6
Drive through one morning -$3
Easter shirts for the boys.   -$46

Still he eats out constantly.  I made him food and had it bagged up ready to take and 1 day he forgot it, the next he did not have time to eat it, the following day "well it was to old to eat". And other things  -$65
He is still trying to figure out his smoker.  Bless his heart he is trying but with no success.  Everything he makes takes like wood.  Yes like you are eating rubbery bark.  Our grocery bill is high because he decided he was going to try to smoke brisket.  Brisket that was not on sale, brisket that tasted ....not that good.  He also tried to grill wings one night they were horrible!  And the chicken you saw last week smoking well eating it as a chicken was bad but mixing into other dishes worked better.  However I am trying to stay optimistic.  He will eventually get it and it will be good, hopefully.

Groceries -$300
Gas -$143
Dr office co payment -$14

Family Savings Jar +$20
Pellet/Propane savings Jar +$20

Other Awesome Accomplishments

  • Made a menu plan and stuck to it.  (Jay did not)
  • vacuumed out my car parents in under 4 minutes with time to spare.  Only cost me a buck!
  • did not buy coffee this week but took advantage of McDonalds free coffee promo
  • Got my first paycheck from the YMCA
  • PA is a clothing tax free state so on the boys shirts I found a 15% off coupon, free shipping, and it was tax free, and they were on sale  It took the Ralph Lauren shirts from $150 to the affordable $46
  • My parents took the boys out to see Mr.Peabody and Sherman, no cost to me-Thank You!
  • I had sent the boys to their house to stay a few days with groceries and the boys came back with even more.  again thank you.  I won't be buying hot chocolate for a year.
  • Jay had a few extra $$ in his pay check which made some of that camping trip possible

I heard this on a radio show (I am a talk radio junky) but they said sit and shop.  Add what you want to the cart but don't buy it.  You will feel satisfied enough at the end that you don't feel the urge to buy.  I have done this for some time now.  Especially lately with the girls getting bigger I want to buy them ever piece of American girl I see.  Sometimes I spend to much time on the site and look around fill up my cart to the best deal possible but then I walk away.  I don't order (usually) and buy the time I distance myself from the website I think why would I spend that much on buying my daughters dolls clothes??!!  It is great advice because often you find great deals but when they are erased by the shipping it makes you not want any of it that much anymore.

If we invite you over form a smoker meal, just pass.  For now at least, just pass.  Or bring over a bunch of delicious sides :)

Cleaning.  I wanted to have my house Easter ready by now.  In cleanliness, decoration, spiritual preparation, plans, menus, everything, and nothing is done.  So I want to spend time this week cleaning and maybe I can find some treasure to sell.  However I did get 10 pounds of Matzos for FREE from grocery store deals!

And as always check out the other savers HERE

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring is no snow

If it wasn't for the snow earlier this week I would say winter is over.  But since it snowed, sleeted and iced up, the following days have been in the 50's and 60's pretty nice.  I am not the only one who is tired of winter overstayed welcome.  My middle son Evan is too.  I found this poem he wrote about spring.  It made me smile so much.

 photo IMG_20140329_125314_zps4932dd07.jpg

I love how for N he but NO Snow.  He even drew a snowman  with the no sign.  He is not home this week but I hope he is enjoying the warmer temps, playing outside building his fort.

And there is no snow, sleet, or ice in the 10 forecast.
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