Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had not planned on doing anything this Thanksgiving day except watching the parade and just our little family being together.  I took the children down to their grandparents house last Sunday for Thanksgiving.   We had the big traditional meal then, plus the boys had it on Tuesday at school.

 photo gregthanksgiving_zpse5c4f6bc.jpg

 photo evanthanksgiving_zps332513f2.jpg

I did not think I would be able to get them to eat it 3 times in one week.  Although they said their feast at school was the best one ever.  And the first I missed, I was sad about that.

At my parents house

 photo IMG_4763_zps8db922ed.jpg

Me and babycakes because she is easy to get a picture of.  Whereas Faith..

 photo IMG_4760_zpsb9920a6a.jpg

This is every picture of her lately.  You tell her to smile and she makes silly faces.

 photo IMG_4762_zps3985e2fb.jpg

And why no pictures of the boys?  Well I could not get them to hold still for 1 minute they were to busy playing .  Even Gregory was playing like a little boy.

 photo IMG_4752_zpsea136c62.jpg

Late the previous evening the tiny team and I watched

 photo IMG_4736_zps6a0b02fc.jpg
(though they were not happy about it though)

 photo IMG_4739_zps8ecb1d86.jpg

It was so cold!  And snowed most the entire time.

the older boys march,

 photo IMG_4748_zpse97b932e.jpg
Gregory yelling I am cold!

and ride
 photo IMG_4733_zps6bfe047e.jpg

 photo IMG_4740_zpsc86bc665.jpg

In the Thanksgiving/Christmas parade.  There school is celebrating its 25th year of being in Chambersburg this years and this was a fun event for the kids, sorta minus the cold.

So with Thanksgiving essentially behind us I was not planning on any big meal.  But I keep asking the kids what do you want to do, eat?  They did not care.

 photo IMG_4726_zps8ede84e4.jpg

Besides these two turkeys...

I had bought a big turkey a few week ago frozen and it has remained frozen since and now to late to do anything with.  The boys did say they would like a salmon dinner a few times, I love that.  But I did not want to go to the store.  Last night I stopped asking and started pulling things out of the freezer.  Yes I would do a Thanksgiving for my family and it would be from what we have on hand.  I pulled out a big beautifully marbleized chuck roast.  I had so many vegetables that were close to going bad I picked up at the farmers market in October I new I wanted to use them.  So with what I had on hand I whipped a day long feast of

* The best pot roast I have made to date.  So moist and so delicious
* cooked with it in the crock pot were all the carrots we had left, lots of celery because I love celery! and some onions for flavor and they are so good when crock potted (and yes I make up my own words all the time, a friend has also pointed that out this week as she learned 5 new words in just one of of being together, it is just genius I tell you) all day in delicious juices
* baked mac and cheese- mostly because we had everything, and I made 2 because it is delicious and it will come in very soon.  I don't know when but trust me it will.
* pasta salad because I had extra noodles to use as well as it is a great fridge clearer, and Jay loves it.  I can't believe how often he tells me he hates mayonnaise and how digesting it is but yet every few days I make him dishes with mayo as the base ingredient and he can't eat enough-silly guys, he does not know though ;)
* sweet potato casserole.  Baby cakes loves sweet potato and since I had not shopped I used what was on hand which meant multi colored marshmallows.  It did not matter at the end of the day...NONE of the kids would eat it.  ha.  But they all helped make it and poor Smiley even hurt his finger doing so, peeled some skin right off it.  Ouch.
* rolls, for Gregory, he loves those
*Evan made his special gravy to which I made my special turnip mashed potatoes for.  It adds more veggies in their diet, gives it a bit of a different taste but not too much.  It is 1/3 turnip to 2/3 potato and tonight it was a mix or Yukon and red because that's what I had.  I was good and not nearly enough.
* peas, because there is a lot of starch mentioned above so to give them smaller portions of starch I add pure straight vegetables.
*pears and applesauce
* dozens of homemade cookies, yum
*Plus I bought them ginger ale as a Thanksgiving treat.  It does not matter though they are so wound up.  I think from the sugar, soda and cookies but Evan is assuring me it is from the extra couple cups of coffee they had this morning.

 photo IMG_4766_zps7ca6a270.jpg

It certainly turned out to be a good Thanksgiving.  A filling Thanksgiving.  I had thought they would not want Thanksgiving but I was wrong, they did.  They were excited and happy and helped make the all of the meal the entire day.

 photo IMG_4769_zpsfe19e501.jpg

 It does not matter what you cook it matters that you are together.  It matter that you all contribute and you keep with the importance and traditions of the day.  My kids like routine, my kids like traditions, my kids like Thanksgiving and I LOVE my kids.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Old Mc Donald's Farm

My kids are crazy for parks playground and those fun fall pumpkin farms that pop up in the beginning of fall.  We headed down to Old McDonald's pumpkin farm in West Virginia with my parents for so much fun.

 photo IMG_4637_zps21384d4c.jpg

It is one of those places with so much to do. Including zip lines.  The older boys loved them.

 photo IMG_4470_zpsea924e4f.jpg

And the highlight of them all was the long tube slide.

 photo IMG_4599_zpsd0169b51.jpg

 photo IMG_4597_zps98ebd6d2.jpg

 photo IMG_4510_zps622149e5.jpg

Even baby cakes loved the slides.  She could not get them to take her down enough times.

 photo IMG_4494_zpse312f2c1.jpg

These two have got to be the worst corn hole players.  Is that game popular everywhere?  It is a big thing on the east coast.

 photo IMG_4613_zpsbbe4d037.jpg

 photo IMG_4614_zps183c44cb.jpg

Of course there was lots of corn to play in.

 photo IMG_4593_zpsda1a0fbc.jpg

The farmer tried to convince me that this would be good to have at my house?!  Absolutely not.  It is filthy, attracts mice and I was finding corn in my kids clothes at every bathroom stop.

 photo IMG_4521-Copy_zps44e44cea.jpg

 photo IMG_4435_zps90d279ad.jpg

Even corn angles.

 photo IMG_4433_zps14bef1c6.jpg

A bunch of barn yard animals and a turkey that looked so delicious.  Soon you big fat turkey.

 photo IMG_4413_zps3df6320f.jpg

 photo IMG_4408_zpsdc30abe1.jpg

One cool thing all the kids enjoyed too were these huge tubes.

 photo IMG_4544_zps9ea5752e.jpg

They would push them far up the hill get in and roll or run down.  Even the little girls enjoyed it but often would get thrown out.  Never in any harm though.  They did not get pushed up as far as the boys.

 photo IMG_4627_zpsf8971c62.jpg

It is never,never, never easy to get them all to look.

 photo IMG_4623_zps574541e8.jpg

Oh well.  Another fun time.

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