Saturday, May 31, 2008

A camping we will go

As a family we are preparing to go camping this coming week. As you can imagine the children are bursting with anticipation. Every morning too early they run into my room (if they are not all ready sleeping there) and YELL Mommy its time to go! Its camping day! Well there excitement is wonderful and encouraging but the disappointment I must relay to them is harsh words to a 3 and 4 year old. No not today. However the day is soon approaching. There excitement will soon be reality unless....



We also bought a new tent this year. It came just in time. Last year we had an enormous tent SO big we were losing things in it. We scaled down but didn't cut corners. We but it up in our yard to make sure no leaks, no rips, no faults. It seams to be doing great. Even with the on going daytime thunderstorms it is dry!!!

The forecast is hopeful. This storm is supposed to pass today and we should have wonderful weather. But forecast change. This Monday we have chose to go to a near by park. It looks and sounds great but I have never been there yet. It is within 45 minutes of our house. How wonderful! Not only in Pennsylvania are we so blessed to have all sorts of environments but at $4 a gallon you do not have to travel far to see them. Plus if the weather does not hold out we can soon return to the comforts of home.

So we shall wait pack and plan as we will soon be off and finally away for a few days!


I guess we all have different ways of waiting.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

What marks the beginning of summer better than Memorial Day. We have our normal traditions that we do each memorial day. Go to the local parade, gather with friends and go out to eat. Well we missed the parade this year due to our new room darkening shades that we put up just the night before. The parade started at 9 and we were awoken by the kids at 9:30. Oh well, we will catch the same parade on the 4th of July. We were able to go out to eat to our favorite local Mexican restaurant with my parents. We like it there the service is great, the food is fair, but there is something that everyone will eat and it is not cheap fast food.

On Sunday as I was leaving work early to go home and see my beautiful family I stopped and got the kidos a pool. Every summer I get them one. Every summer their fathers complains. Why are you addicted to such big things in our yard that are hard to mow around and kill the grass?!!!! The kids have been wanting one for week now. I wanted to get this big monstrosity of a water park pool for them, me :) but instead decided on a smaller pool. It had a bench and cup holders so that is what won it over for me. I can sit in the pool and read with the children splashing around and even be able to have a drink close by.

The weather was beautiful, the day was nice and we are looking forward to a great summer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I get rid of a dog and the children acquire a rabbit. Which, by the way they named Roger without any assistance or help from dad or I.


Monday, May 19, 2008

My family makes me happy

Because I love these two so much!

The cutest kids in the world

Of course I can't forget their daddy. I love him also and am so thankful for my three guys.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulk Trash Day

I can hear them. I can her the sounds of the motor rev up and slow down as the car nears closer to my house. I can imagine their thoughts as they approach. What treasure can I find there? It is creepy that I am sitting at my desk at 3 Am and am disturbed by all the strangers who are outside in my driveway. My neighbors who are rummaging through our stuff. No secrets anymore. They now know I do not plan on taking my kids sledding, because our supper fast sleds are on the curb. Not to mention my yard is completely flat. They know I will be getting a new dinning set, yes the old one is out there too. Sets of mirrors have all ready been picked up. What stories they could tell as they watched my family for years and are now moving on to another. Its a liberating day. Out with the old, the missing pieces, the clutter. I am free. And now have a lot more space to put my great yard sale finds!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Today my Darling husband will be on the radio talking about my, our darling son. My DH loves radio programing he could listen to it all the time. Which very often is a sore spot between us. However, today he is on it. The bit was prereccored last Friday so we had the heads up it would be played today. He was estatic last friday I got tons of texts messages from him hearing how it was going. Which I proudly shared with chef. I thought I would miss his broadcasting for usally I work Fridays in the daytime. By luck, I am on nights. I will be able to share this happy time with him. I love my DH, we sometimes have differnt views, differnt hobbies, but when it come to celebrating our kids we are both on the same page. Over excitied, extremly proud and thankful parrents.

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