Monday, April 29, 2013

HAHA the velcro wall

I know I have not wrote in a while but we have been enjoying spring.  It is so nice to be able to get out and enjoy your kids.  I absolutely love mine and these past few days has certainly reinforced that.  In winter we are trapped inside with the cold and snow so when the warm temperatures of spring come we excitedly open the doors to the outside.

The kids are always so curious about my school.  They call it the castle.  The buildings look like castles with turrets and all.  I told them I would take them there over the weekend and they excitedly waited.

We started off with a morning soccer game.  The boys are so good.  (I can brag, I am there mom)  But it is not just me who thinks so I hear it from so many others too.

 photo IMG_0554_zps56ce91c3.jpg

Gregory wants to be on a traveling team next year.  I think it is important he plays for his school but I also see where it is important to develop his ability.  I have not decided yet.  He has been pestering me about wanting to play football for years.  Sign ups are in 2 weeks.  And I know football is ruff.  But I am torn because he want to try it.  He is small and skinny but would be playing against people his age.  It is also just a few minutes from the house but a major time commitment.  I will soon just flip a coin.

Smiley wants to play sports, to go to school, to do anything his big brothers do.  I feel bad for him that we are always telling him you have to wait till you get bigger.  Next year I think I will be able to start him in t-ball but for now he cheers on his brothers.

 photo IMG_0557_zpsead00d9d.jpg

 photo IMG_0561_zpscfb902a9.jpg

Faithy would cheer and every time her brothers did something good she would run out to them.  Then I would run after her.  Gracie was there clapping away in the stroller, its a new thing and so cute.  Enough times of your happy and you know it and she got the idea of clapping.  She also hi 5's too.  Oh I can eat her up.

Afterwards we made our way to my school.  It was Spring Fling this weekend full of lots of parties and events.  And to the childrens delight...Bouncy houses!!!

They had a ball!  And pushed one at each other knocking a brother off the platform.

 photo IMG_0566_zpsb074ca09.jpg

 photo IMG_0567_zps483fba65.jpg

Those kids with painted faces scared Faith so bad.  She would see them and fall crying in fear.  Poor baby and poor kids who did not know what they did to my little girl.

Best saying of the day was MOM HELP I'M STUCK!  hahah they would run and jump on the velcro wall but get stuck.  I kept laughing I loved it.

 photo IMG_0574_zps514453f1.jpg

 photo IMG_0576_zps5b95a2e0.jpg

 photo IMG_0578_zps17536644.jpg

They raced over and over through obstycal courses.

 photo IMG_0579_zps682fef08.jpg

 photo IMG_0581_zps8e41508b.jpg

 photo IMG_0583_zpse7fec0c0.jpg

Of course head first down the big sides.  That is my dare devil.

 photo IMG_0589_zps57e0c89d.jpg

 photo IMG_0594_zpsf24e8184.jpg

At least she always had brothers at the bottom to catch her.

She found a farm animal that she kept calling dog.

 photo IMG_0598-1_zps8b6939d8.jpg

The funny thing is her dog is 3 maybe 4 times the size of this animal I kept calling it a lamb someone else told me its a goat.  I don't know or really I was happy it did not bite her.

 photo IMG_0601_zps8028f0f7.jpg

The kids loved it they had so much fun.  Smiley thinks when I go to school I get to go bounce and play with Dora (because I take Spanish)

fun fun fun

 photo P04-28-13_1803_zps73c617cf.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

April Showers...

We had been experiencing nice weather here in Pennsylvania.  It was warm and sunny just beautiful.  But a cold front was moving in.  It is supposed to keep our temperatures in the 50's this weekend.  Last week it has been bouncing in the 70's and 80's.  So what happens  when a cold front meets warm air?  Thunderstorms and showers.

 photo IMG_0388_zpse1f248ad.jpg

It all started with the rain blowing strongly in the door.  The winds were strong the rain was warm soaking the room from the door to the couch and the kids jumped in front of it having some fun.  But they wanted to go outside.  I did not want them to go outside.  They had had their *1st* baths of the night and they would get muddy.  But the kept insisting.  They started to strip!  I love Smile's mischievous face.  I had to crop the picture because by this point he was nearly naked!

 photo IMG_0391_zpsd8266cca.jpg

I love this one as they have all linked arms.  Lets just forget the fact they were plotting.

And all the sudden they burst out the door in a mob of 5 but mostly 4, I was able to catch the little one.

 photo IMG_0400_zps4c987356.jpg

They ran around in the pouring rain like nobody's business.

 photo IMG_0403_zpseb043897.jpg

Laughs, Smiles, Accomplishments

They ran until they found puddles.

 photo IMG_0397_zps840ceb30.jpg

Then came the puddle jumping!

 photo IMG_0396_zps8e140fc5.jpg

Rain Tasting

 photo IMG_0404_zpsb8f23294.jpg

And realization the temperature had dropped by 20 degrees.

 photo IMG_0410_zps5fbf09bc.jpg

And as soon as they burst outside they fled indoor to warm up.  Maybe a bit of an overkill.

 photo IMG_0416_zpsc04a3c20.jpg

Then showers number 2.  Lets hope that is all tonight.

I am sorry if any of the pictures are distorted in this post or any of them.  i am trying to deal with that problem but it has been a very annoying battle.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sister Dance

In 4 short days my princess will be 2.  Already!!! 2 She looks 2, she has had the abilities of a 2 year old for sometime now, she is an amazing big sister , a beautiful princess, my perfect companion, my mini me.

I had started this a bit ago but never edited the photos nor finished writing.  Life got busy can you imagine?  We have been moving crazy fast but that is still no reason I should not take the time to stop and record our memories.

I took these pictures of Faith and the rest of the tiny team snuck in too, back in March.  There is a lot of pictures I will warn you.  But I love looking at the and my pretty girls.

 photo 7c4ce84e-0900-4c05-83b7-4e78881e43c2_zps6916b63a.jpg

She was having a ball doing some dancing in front of the camera.  I just love it.  She is such a happy girl!.  And guess what I found a dance studio not to far away that will take her now!  She can start dance at 2!!  As soon as I figure out some schedules I am getting her in.  I can not wait, she will be So thrilled!!

From pretty ballerina to a monkey, that is Faith :)

 photo IMG_9468_zps8a1047d2.jpg

I love EVERYTHING about her!!

 photo IMG_9482_zps5119933b.jpg

Her silly self

 photo IMG_9492_zpse1498795.jpg

She has a contagious laugh and smile.  She drops her head back and makes everyone happy.

 photo IMG_9496_zpsb3d0ebd2.jpg

She was meant for a catwalk.  I always wanted to enter her in beauty pageants but have you seen the prices for them!  I do have a friend from my high school whose daughter competes and was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras!  Yay for them.  I have not dismissed the idea  I just need to make more money.

 photo IMG_9501_zpsa4a08a3b.jpg

Pink lights for her custom pink and green hearts Lilly outfit.  Another friend of mine who makes these and sells them for babies for nearly $200 a piece at select boutiques, gave one to Faith saying there is not another little girl who should have it more.  That was such a special treat.  My girls Lilly Pulitzer wardrobe easily 8x larger than mine.  Okay I am a tiny bit jealous   She got a new Lilly dress today too!  Beautiful dress!!  Bad story that accompanies it, I will tell it another time.

 photo IMG_9514_zps71954ad5.jpg

Why is my sister invading my photo shoot?

 photo IMG_9522_zps773f341c.jpg

Okay she can be here.
After all they are the best of friends and so amazing together. And such a pretty pair.

 photo IMG_9525_zps3a2e3629.jpg

I don't know what to say

 photo IMG_9528_zps8e94ffb6.jpg

When I start seeing those faces I know my time is limited.  Plus I am SO NOT crazy about the back drop (Muslin).  I got the whole workings for Christmas.  Stands, lights, 3 muslins, green screen screns, runner, I was over the moon.  But this one, the white one, sucks.  It is light weight and I ironed it before hand and it still looks like this!  UHG  I will be buying more soon, once I stop buying the girls more Lilly outfits.

 photo IMG_9530_zpsd3ef7320.jpg

Of course being baby though she eats the lights.

 photo IMG_9535_zps71d7bd0a.jpg

And then laughs about it, oh how much we love her too!

 photo IMG_9536_zps21fac1b6.jpg

Oh but wait... is that a bow you are wearing to baby?  My old bow??

 photo IMG_9538_zps5f57393f.jpg

I think not!  MOM!!


 photo IMG_9539_zps95c5ec7b.jpg

The tiny team

 photo IMG_9550_zpsa836e341.jpg

Smiley did not want to be left out either

 photo IMG_9563_zps3b367dac.jpg

Gracie started to become interested in the camera

 photo IMG_9449_zpsb77a6ed6.jpg

And when you have had enough, you are done.

 photo 1b7c10c8-edb8-4431-88b8-a5267aa95435_zpsaddbd27b.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE my pretty princess

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spanish Rice

I have always been a big rice lover.  I love it as a side when I am at a Tex Mex restaurant.  All restaurants are different but for the most part I really like the rice when I order out.  However I have never been able to recreate that taste here at home.  I have tried all the box or bag versions at store trust me ALL, and none of them come close.  Ninety percent of them are horrible.  I have tried many I find floating around them web and none are right either.  This one is also not one you would find in a restaurant but it has more flavor and more texture, which makes me wonder why am I looking for the restaurant one?  

Gather you ingredients...

 photo IMG_9999_zps3a38fdd9.jpg

1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup onions, chopped
1/2 cup celery, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup uncooked rice
1 14-ounce can chicken broth
1 cup medium chunky salsa 
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon basil

any amount of chopped hot pepper you chose 

 photo IMG_9995_zpsae6834e7.jpg

Keep an eye out for jalapeno thieves under the table!

Chop the vegetables. Melt the butter in a medium-sized saucepan. Add the onions, celery, garlic and rice. Saute until the rice just begins to brown, about 8-10 minutes. 

 photo IMG_0001_zpsd6f0cd2b.jpg

Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat,

 photo IMG_0002_zpsbda2fa3b.jpg

 cover, and simmer for 20 minutes or until rice is done.​

 photo IMG_0008_zps475229c2.jpg

Aw, beautiful.  Remember you do not stir rice, fluff it with a fork.  This was a good flavorful rice that pairs well with all Mexican, Tex Mex  dishes such as chile rellenos casserole.

 photo IMG_0010_zps9d353113.jpg
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