Friday, May 31, 2013

I love monogrammed clothes!

At Kelly's Korner today they are having a monogram swap.  Now I do not have anything to sell at the moment but I am ALWAYS looking for awesome monogrammed clothing with names or initials of

Gregory   -  G

Evan  - E

Brendan   - B

Faith  -  F

Grace  - G

Thanks for any help and leads!

How I saved $61 today

As I am SlowlY getting ready for our camping trip to the beach next week I have once again been procrastinating on pinterest under camping.  I have seen some cute ideas  for family pictures.  I am hoping to get the Christmas cards done early this year, hopefully.  I have seen some delicious recipes I want to try.  Games for the kids, lots of cool stuff.  Including a grow with me chair for babycakes.

I saw this chair and thought awesome, how have I not seen it before nor purchased it?

 photo gochair_zps4f9e0669.jpg

It is called a go with me chair.  Without sounding like an advertisement for their company, to which I have no affiliation with, here is a bit about it.

It has a 5 point harness that holds an itty bitty baby in.  A standing seat for I guess when they are antsy.  As you see a canopy cover, plus a drink/bottle holder and an eating tough :)  It is really a stretch across he front and with a dug out insert for finger foods.  Most to go chairs are hose able I would assume this one is too.  And it has darling pink poke-a-dots on a brown background which I have several different boys to match, because photo opps after all are important :0

The retail price is high.$90 but right now it is on sale for $80, still no free shipping till you reach $99.  Maybe I am out of touch with reality when it comes to the price of "soccer chairs" but to me that seems high.  I checked ebay and prices were a little bit better but not enough to make me order one.  I checked amazon and found one for 45% off, brown and pink too.  It also comes in blue and green.  That brought the price down to $55 and with $6 shipping it made it $61.

I put it in my cart after all it seemed like a great deal after staring at the higher prices for the last hour. Then I went to retail me not to try and find a code for free shipping.  I was unsuccessful.

Doing that it gave me time to think about this awesome chair and how much I really wanted it.  Do I want it for $100? NO!  Do I want it for $80 + shipping?  No.  Do I want it for $61 and it would be here in time for us to pack it with us to the beach and use for SO many other tings all summer and forward and as Gracie  would grow with it?  Not really.  That is still a lot.  I rationed it out to this.  I have a wonderful double jogging stroller.  My stroller just like the chair has a canopy, 5 point harness ( which neither girl has a problem getting out off, so I doubt the baby would in the chair would either and that might be more dangerous if the chair tipped over), the stroller has 4 cup holders and underneath storage, plus it is on wheels.  It does not have the snack area the chair has but I could wheel it up to the bench of a picnic table and it would work great.  I already have been gifted the stroller and even at $61 that is money I don't need to spend.

So I did not order this totally awesome chair.  The reviews were great, it seems nice and we always need "soccer chairs" but the price was a bit to high.  If i had seen this for my first kids I might have jumped on it but for my last baby I am a bit more reluctant.

Sometimes stopping to think and stepping away will give you the mind to realize you do not need it, you just want it.  And by doing so I saved $61 today.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jambo! Welcome to the Jungle

The spring show went off with out a hitch for the students.  But for this mom of many which include 3, 3 and under it was tough.

 photo IMG_1024_zps60a136db.jpg

The babies were everywhere.  They ran, they played anything but sit or let me and mema watch the show.

The big kids they had another great performance.  Unfortunately I did not get to video tape this one because of the tiny team but I got a few shots of them.

Before the play there was an art show and here is goofy Gregory and his frog.

 photo IMG_0992_zpsff1a713f.jpg

What a ham.

Gregory is in the pink shirt.  This is his class singing song to the Aesop's fable the lion and the mouse.

 photo IMG_1003_zps5a26876f.jpg

Gregory was a story teller in the play.

 photo IMG_1008_zps78d69146.jpg

Evan in the blue with his class.

 photo IMG_1012_zps693ff390.jpg

All the lower el students participated in the this play.  The 4-12 students did a differnt production following it.  I did not get to see it.

 photo IMG_1015_zps6999c219.jpg

At one point they ran out and circled the room?

 photo IMG_1017_zpse3a8192c.jpg

 photo IMG_1018_zps31709c18.jpg

Next year I will need to get a baby sitter so I can actually watch.  But the night before all  the kids had done so well at the circus but here, at school,  nope. You just could not see the students preform at school and that was part of the problem.

We tried to get a pictures of all at the end of the play and...

 photo IMG_1025_zpsefb7b821.jpg

 photo IMG_1026_zpsc1cb46c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1027_zps4315112d.jpg

That kinda sums up the night.  Oh well one more event closer to summer!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I could fall asleep

We had a great time at the circus last night.  We did not get home till after midnight!  The circus went longer than I thought it would and parking to get out of events is always a time consumer in itself.  Not that Hershey is far

 photo hershey-park_zpsb19eddce.jpeg

yes that Hershey

But with fleeing traffic all at the same time it is congested.

I had been looking forward to this.  I was so excited !  Over excited   I could not wait to go to the circus again, with all my kids.  It was the tiny teams first time.

We left as soon as the older two boys came home from school.  We pile in the suburban with tickets, treats  drinks, camera, and kids in tow.  And we headed to the gas station, and then we were off.  An easy drive to Hershey just up the road.

I talked it up for days to them showing them videos and talking about the elephants we had all become excited   But to the older boys elephants and tigers did not matter to them it was all skyrush.

 photo SkyrushTrainConceptArt_zps78b29f51.jpg

A rollercoaster from Hershey Park, I don't even know if it is the latest or the best but they have been begging to go and ride the rollercoaster for a solid month now.  My guess is one of their friends was talking about it and they want to one up him.  But they are to small.  I don't want want to take them when they can not ride the great rides.  It will be too soon till they can and boy will we have fun while scarredy  cat day hold my purse. (And corrects my spelling)  He does not like rollercoasters or things that spin but me heck yea!  I love them!! And my kids are following suit.  I can't wait!  I will be glad to take them but penitence children.

In my grandiose plan I had us stopping for a great dinner before the show.  In reality I forgot to pack baby's food and we stopped at Sams club to pick up another container and eat a cheap dinner of pizza and soda!  Ugh!!  Oh well I am glad we did because, almost no one could finish it.  They were to excited to eat and if I would have "forked" over lots of cash for a good place to eat I would have been upset but for 7 under $20 I was not mad at all.  That still did not stop them from complaining mom we want to go to Fuddruckers (there current most favorite spot)  but we are going there for a benefit night on Tuesday and after explaining that to them they were okay.  Plus anything they or I said was short lived because they just wanted to go to the circus.

We got there and don't you know we brought my camera with multiple lenses for whatever I wanted to take a picture of.  As we got in the tremendous but quick moving lines to get in they stopped us and said lense cameras were not allowed.  We had to pull everyone out of line and wait while I took the camera bag and extra lenses back to the car.  By the time I got back the lines were so much shorter and we went to get in but got turned away again!  No crammers that had lenses   I had returned all the lenses to the car but what was attached to the camera.  That was not good enough.  Only phones and point and shoots were permitted   Very annoyed.  But this time Jay headed back to the car and it was a hike as he likes to park no where close or that makes sense.  Row Z spot YY yup something like that was us.  Disappointed and with circus time ticking away we waited.

I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures.

 photo P05-22-13_1923_zpsc9198ae7.jpg

kids on a bench,  thrilled and very circus themed I know.

 photo P05-22-13_1924_zpse00de4ba.jpg

Mom and Faith on the bench (Grace was with dad) in front of the not lit up Hershey Bear there hockey logo

 photo giant_zpsc388cb95.jpg

The circus was at the giant center at Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

 photo giant_center_zps5ca674d2.jpg

That just gives you an idea how big it is and it does not show the boxes or upper rows.  But we had awesome nearly ring side seats!

 photo giant1_zps2624ab33.jpg

We have never been to a hockey game.  I doubt we ever will go.  Not sports fans.

But finally we were in and before the show started.  We missed the pre-show fun but it is okay at least we did not miss the greatest show on earth.

The show started and...It  Was AWESOME!  We all loved it.  There were so many elephants, tigers, clowns trapeze artist it was fantastic!

 photo P05-22-13_21052_zpsa6a87448.jpg

Sorry pictures are so bad cheap camera phone.

 photo P05-22-13_21071_zps5b1f8949.jpg

The kids loved it!  Jay took the baby, Gregory and mostly Evan I had Faith and Brendan.  We sat boxing them in it was the only way and it was still tough.  I really could have used an extra set of hand or a mothers helper.  But it worked and we were both so blessed with different experiences.  I got to have babies with their first time and so many priceless expressions and experiences   He had the older kids with more understanding amazement and appreciation.  Baby just sat there so good on his lap or mine.  All the kids did awesome!  No tantrums  no melt downs, no crying, no being scared, a bit of I want this, I am thirsty/hungry, but that was expected.  And I had packed plenty of drinks and snacks to counter act it just not baby's formula.  However it was a bit to long and by the end Smiley kept saying mom I'm tired.

 photo P05-22-13_1937_zpse6aa6e22.jpg

At the end it was worth it.  We had a great time the kids made it to school on time and can't stop talking about it. I am sitting here exhausted typing about it skipping a nap, but who needs a nap when you have cliff bars and coffee.

 photo P05-23-13_0708_zpsaa06c5ac.jpg

Oh well we are 12 days and counting till we leave to the beach.  A much needed rest!!  Hopefully.  Tonight is the boys spring show and I have got to get all ready for that.  A post about it soon too.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It is that time of year again

Time for school activities everyday!  At least it seems like it and for the days they are not involved in school stuff they have event after event going on.  To recap:

Race for Education 2013

 The kids took off again raising money as they run laps around the field.

 photo IMG_0945_zpsf66edcc3.jpg

My kids are good runners.  Gregory inpaticular.  He ran just shy of 8 miles in 50 minutes.

 photo IMG_0952_zpsc5ff7e14.jpg

Awesome job kid!!

 photo IMG_0973_zps36ce579d.jpg

Evan does not enjoy running the same way his brother does but he still kicked butt.

 photo IMG_0966_zps60fab2cd.jpg

He walked a few laps, thats okay.  He wanted me to speed walk a few with him of course I agreed.  But he would often stop and say "come on mom" as I would stop and chat with other parents.  Sorry son

 photo IMG_0960_zps2588be3a.jpg

I was not planning on racing and had jeans and flip flops on.  And oh boy was it ever hot and humid, this whole week has been it is crazy.  We are all uncomfortable.  Except for Faith who is having fun blowing her hair in the a/c.  But even with jeans and flip flops I was able to run a few with Gregory.  It felt so good to run again and run with him.

Other year races:


EMS day.

The other day I stopped by their school and as I pulled up they were two ambulances and an emergency vehicle there.  Worry runs over you, OMG what happened?  I was pleased to find out it was just EMS day.  Whew!

They were learning CPR.

 photo ems1_zpsdd9261c8.jpg

Gregory and Adison practicing on a dummy.  Glad that were not practicing on their brothers.

 photo ems2_zps9e52780b.jpg

 photo ems3_zpsecc55c94.jpg

Because I have a feeling if they had been practicing on their brothers they would be karate chopping them too.

 photo ems4_zpsa70aa665.jpg

Spring Show Practice

Every day they have been practicing for their spring show.  I can't wait they are always cute!  This year it is a jungle them.  We have been hearing them sing and greet us in Mawalin? for months.

 photo playpratice_zps7cf775da.jpg

Gregory is in the red shirt

 photo playpratice1_zpsb505edd9.jpg

 Looks like it will be fun.

Evan is in the blue camo pants and the red shirt in this picture is not Gregory.

 photo playpratice2_zps4bf2d678.jpg

Well I have to go because tonight, in just a few hours we are going to the greatest show on earth!!!!

 photo ringling_zps32c9cb58.jpg

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday cha cha cha

Happy Birthday Gregory!  Kinda sorta.  Because nothing really makes sense in our sometimes different world why have birthdays when it is actually the child's birthday?  With that understanding behind us :) last week we celebrated my oldest 10th!!!! birthday!  Wow we hit the double digits, not really but kinda?

We had Gregory's school party last Thursday.  It was full of cha cha chas like they always are.  He actually had a dentist appointment in the morning, no cavities and no need for braces!  Hoorah!  That kinda sucks to do to a kid on there pretend birthday.  But he did not mind.  I take the kids out to lunch something special if they want to after appointment they have.  Gregory really just wanted to get back to school and skip lunch out .  He loves being there with his friends and teachers.  Not every child will stay home if they have the chance, he is one of them.  But both rarely miss school.  Knock on wood for healthy kids.  Well except for weird and combined ER trips, and I still have not heard back about Evan, but otherwise.  However, I explained to him if I took him right after he would still have his birthday party at school but me and the tiny team could not come.  We simply could not just wait around his school for hours till the 2:30 party.  That upset him so much.  He was nearly in tears and wanted mom and his sisters and brothers there.  Aw I was touched.  So I did what any good mom would do...I took him shopping and to lunch to kill time.

We stopped at store after store looking for plastic woodland animals, trees and other things for his American forest bio-me  could not find them.  Actually we did find a few to large animals but they were $10 a piece   I did not want to pay that and get many plus grass, plus trees and what ever else so we settled on colored foam and popsicle sticks.  But with the my scrap booking paper, a few cotton balls, REAL grass from the yard, and lastly a few computer print outs of animals...

 photo gregbiome_zps86990efc.jpg

Volia...  it worked.  What a handsome boy don't you think!

After trips to every craft store in town I let him pick out where we go for lunch and it was pizza hut.  They all loved it.  Pizza, salad, pasta and apple sauce you can't go wrong.

 photo P05-09-13_13271_zpsb76f7511.jpg

Birthday lunch

 photo P05-09-13_1313_zpsbbf9f939.jpg

Soon enough it was time for the party so we headed to school.

It started out with Gregory giving a presentation of his life.  He brought in important pictures from each year and told about them.  We had such fun as a family collecting them.  We all reinised and the boys learned a little more about there life.  I can't believe how much he has grown.  He can, he lets me know.

 photo IMG_0685_zpsafe41e30.jpg

We brought in cupcakes.  Dropped melted cupcakes, it was a mess.  This time the dropping of the cupcakes award goes to ...Evan!  Who as we were leaving the store with the huge box of 40 some cupcakes in the shopping cart he was pushing it then jumping on and hit a drain he, the cart and the cup cakes went flying.  They stayed in the cart but tumbled and turned upside down.  I give up I have realized that this is my fate for every birthday and other celebration as two days later we went and bought a mother's day cake and I was the one who dropped that one spinning and flipping it upside down as I opened the doors to my Suburban and it tumbled out.  I give up.

But we brought the melting jostled cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday!

 photo IMG_0688_zpsc5579c4b.jpg

Gregory loved it and he loves being the center of attention.

 photo IMG_0687_zpsded67b15.jpg

His sister has been singing cha cha cha for a week now.  Good thing she gets to use it at his big birthday party Sunday.  But more than singing the were waiting for cupcakes.

 photo IMG_0686_zps7946bc6f.jpg

Kids love cupcakes, brothers and sisters love cup cakes.

 photo IMG_0691_zpse35da5c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0693_zps237f7d6b.jpg

The class like the break

 photo IMG_0694_zps1455f4fc.jpg

It was another good school birthday for Gregory.

 photo IMG_0692_zps675dd7ad.jpg

I am so glad he wanted his family to come because we enjoy celebrating them with him as much as if not more than he enjoys it with us.

And now for the big birthday party on Sunday.  Oh I hope we do not drop that cake.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

this and that

Good news and busy days, oh my the busy days.

Good news another semester behind me!  Yes I finished this round of classes.  I was so tired of them but I finished my finals, and I don't think I did to bad.  I am taking some time off, not my choice.  I would love to do a full summer but the classes I need are not offered and most are in agreeance  that I could use a break   So I will be taking one till the end of July!

 photo ThomsonHallthree-quarterview2003WilsonCollege-small_zps29bc42de.jpg

Don't you love the turrets?  Again why my kids call it the castles.  This finished semester completes my first year.  You can check out the story and more pictures of the beautiful campus here.  Today I have been walking around smiling for the completion and a little lost about where to start on my ENORMOUS to do list.  I am also just trying to breath.  I can't even imagine what it will be like to fish my degree.

More good and busy events were to many hospital trips.  Last week I took 3 kids to the hospital, 2 dentist visits with all in tow.  That was horrible, but no cavities!

Evan had the first hospital trip.

 photo P05-10-13_0846_zpsec96ec96.jpg

A barium test to see why he has been having stomach aches.  He was nervous but the doctors told him he was doing great and that helped.  He later in the day went around saying I got an A+ on my test.  (for his behavior) we have not received the results back yet.  No news is good news right?

 photo P05-10-13_0919_zps9f963007.jpg

He loved that in his gown he looked like the statue of liberty.  He even acted the part.

 photo P05-10-13_0904_zpscf62abdd.jpg

Crazy kid!

And unfortunately I still had to take two more girls to the ER.  Saturday evening in all the rain we have been having my little ones wanted to go play outside.  They love to run and splash in the rain.  Smiley was playing with our baby cakes splashing in the puddles getting all muddy, having so much fun!

 photo IMG_0735_zpsf089ac95.jpg

 photo IMG_0733_zps7215ca7e.jpg

I was taking pictures, awe how cute!  But notice that rock in Gracie's hand?

 photo IMG_0729_zpsf0f9c39e.jpg

Yes she has two here but look at the smaller one in the left hand.  Now you see it...

 photo IMG_0743_zps2c97fc4b.jpg

Now we are in the ER.  Yes she then stuck that right in her mouth as she does with everything and as I went to get it out she swallowed it.

And if that was not bad enough...when coming inside Faithy slipped with her wet muddy feet on the tile floor and cracked her head hard.  No blood, but a huge goose egg popped up and she kept crying.

 photo P05-11-13_2044_zpsa2898c3c.jpg

I would like to say it was a two for one deal at the ER but that is not the case.  It was two times over I was proved a bad mother in a matter of minutes.

 photo P05-11-13_2011_zps94fd77b4.jpg

I had to run both girls to the ER!  Ugh it was not a nightmare but not far from it.  I took them more on the side of precaution than panic, well except for baby, I was and still am worried about that rock.  However a few xrays later the doctors said it will pass.  OUCH! my poor baby.  That is what I was worried about it tearing up her insides passing.  I guess they are not to worried, maybe I shouldn't be so worried.

It was a long night.  I had brought toys, thankfully.

 photo P05-11-13_2042_zps5a69c807.jpg

Sometimes it helps being a seasoned mommy.

 photo IMG_0737_zps92d36403.jpg

But Faith also found a closet full of teddy bears with hospital bands on, too cute.  She kicked out her sister and made sure she took care of her bears.

 photo IMG_0747_zps10ebfa06.jpg

Yes HER bears.  We might now be in possession of two of these.

So many ups and downs and there is so much more.  Do you really want to know?  But the good news is all my kids are doing well.  And I am on a school break!!
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