Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As Far as Wednesday Went...

It was great! I spent time with the boys, time with my husband, time with myself, and time with the Lord.I woke up early before everyone and got to have a few hours to myself blogging, Internet surfing and reading. I even managed to get a shower in before everyone woke up. Oh my... No little guys bursting in to our 1 bathroom saying "Mommy you wet" "Mommy I have to poop" "Mommy I come in too?". I love them but a hot shower to myself (even in the summer) was great, invigorating and unusual.


As I went up to get dressed my oldest son was waking up. He has been having the challenge of bad dreams lately. To the extent of him praying before bed "Dear God please don't let me have any bad dreams, take them away". When I hear how desperately he is scared DH and I have started looking at what could be causing these and cutting certain things, like cartoon network, out of his life. So it was no surprise to find him waking up crying in bed. After comforting him, holding kissing and stroking his hair I found out he was crying because he woke up in his bed not mine. I have been working a lot lately. That is why this time is so extra special with them. Last night they went to bed with me in my bed. The bed they prefer because it is softer and has Mommy and/or Daddy in it. I loved on him more and we came to a happy agreement lets just go downstairs and have some coffee! My kids LOVE coffee, as do I.

As soon as I got him down stairs he was asking about his brother, his best friend, his closest companion. I ran up stairs and got him from MY bed and brought him down stairs happily. Then we all three had a morning cup of coffee.

Shortly following I made the children homemade freshly squeezed lemonade. They love it I love it and what says summer better than that. So cheers to us as we all enjoyed a cup.

Then the mail came. So exciting a point my children look forward to each day. But this day was special we received the Spiderwick Chronicles through Netflix. Immediately we put it in and and it was so good. DH and I liked it more than the children but they still enjoyed it. However lets see how this plays out with the whole nightmare situation. I love children's stories the are so captivating and void of much unnecessary content.

Following the movie we headed outside to enjoy this beautiful summer day in Pennsylvania. We watered the plants, rode bicycles, and my kids have some weird fascination with parking their bikes in a row. Wherever...backyard, front yard, park it does not matter. They had fun.


With the day being so early still I decided to plant a new garden! I planted a sunflower garden. 9 different varieties all beautiful. I am very much looking forward to this! Although one of my neighbors stopped by and said I will need to protect my garden from are dear pets Rodger. Apparently they like to eat the tops off the sunflowers.


After lunch I cleaned out the grimy pool. It is so nice to play in but takes a lot of up keep.

Where the pool sat on the ground made a perfect square. My oldest thought that would be the best spot to play soccer. He is getting rather good. Besides just kicking the ball he very much enjoys heading the ball.

But no summer evening is complete with out catching lightning bugs.

It was such fun! A great day. I love to be home with my children. Now its time to settle down, Daddy's turn. I can't wait for what wonders will be in store for us tomorrow.


I am off

Yes it is true I have today AND tomorrow off!!! I am excited. I woke up early and started started my day. Laizly and reserving time for myself. The family is still asleep but I will soon wake them and make them pancakes. The boys just love them and I just love my boys. I have a long list for both days and I can't wait. A lot of it is housework but I am happy to do it because I am home! So off to tackle the day and spend time with my little ones.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


There are so many times in your life when you are unsure. Uncertainty is not easy. I have been struggling, in all aspects of my life. Trying one thing, moving on to another, starting this, wishing for that. Life has got the better of me. But yet I am constantly reminded to seek first the kingdom of God. Sometimes easier said then done. I have heard some direction from our Lord lately, and it has worked. But then I wonder what am I not hearing? If I know what I am hearing is from him why do I still struggle with following what I believe to be simple black and white instructions? Not enough hours in the day is what I am finding. I often find myself so micromanaging stuff that in the time it takes to plan it I could have had a lot more accomplished. I feel I am failing. In many ways. I am able to pay the bills and I am so unbealivably grateful for that answered prayer. I used to wish and pray that I would have enough money in our bank accounts to be able to write a check and not worrie. That prayer has been answered. Howere, I did not realize the flip side to it. How much I would have to be working. How much the children and I would miss each other because of working so much. What I would give up. I am very grateful for my job espically in such hard economic time. I give God all the glory. Where do you start? How do you widdle down the to do list? How do you decide what is pratical and what should, sometimes sadly, be left a dream. Everyday is a new day. Everyday I want to be making progress, but in my heart everyday I truly just want to be home with my family and enjoy them. I love the Lord! I love my family! But I still don't always know how to pull my feet out of the sand.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A smaller freezer

Why do we purchase big new appliances?


Why so the boys can have an imaginary boat!



We had purchased a large restaurant size freezer last year and found it to be far to big for our small family. We bought so much on sale and froze it made dinners ahead of time and froze them too. Almost everything got freezer burn. We just could not eat it in time. So we saw this small cutie at Lowes and got it that day. It is still big since the only thing in it now is $2 Popsicles and $1 waffles. Oh well the kids sure did enjoy the excitement of having a boat.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I love menu planning! The stress it takes away is a great gift and time saver. I don't always follow it but I appreciate the guidelines, and actually this is weird but posting a pretty menu in my kitchen. So here is what is in store for the week at the Huse Clifton household:

Sunday Fathers Day:

Fried Chicken, potato salad, baked beans, homemade lemonade, mac n cheese, water melon, grapes, cookies, vegetables casserole. It went really well.

Monday (a day I came home too late 5 AM and did not get the roast started):

Tacos from the club

Tuesday (making up for Monday):

Pot Roast!!!!


Wonderful Wednesday meatloaf and baked potatoes


Barbecue beef short ribs, salad and cornbread


Lemon Dijon Chicken Salad light fresh and delicious


Sandwiches. I have to work till 8 PM and the family can do this one by themselves


Alfredo Chicken Folds. This looked really good and I love Alfredo so why not add more carbs? I will pretend I will spend an extra hour exercising on my wii.

You can find more great menu ideas at:
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