Saturday, January 19, 2008

A whole lot of days

Wow its been a while. So much for me trying to post more often. Dreams verses reality. So what has been new. Not much. First of all baby Evan is doing well. We have been released from the doctors visits. He is his normal self. He will have scars always. I have the day off. Only the day. I wish it was more but I slept in. I saw my folks today and went out to lunch. I had not seen them since Christmas. The boys missed them so. I have spent the rest of the day shopping, listening to my favorite mp3's, and checking up on blogs. You all live so much more productive lives than I. Kudos. In the time it takes me to web surf and drink a martini you have cut firewood for the next month, made the kidos new outfits and have a healthy delicious supper on the table. But I resign my self to playing on the floor, ordering pizza when its really to late to eat and reading pirate books with the kids while neglecting the laundry which I will regret tomorrow morning. Have a great night, all you wonderful women!

Friday, January 4, 2008

baby burns


What was bad. A few days before the new year I was hanging out playing with the children next to the pellet stove, as we USED to always do. The heat was warm the fire always entrancing. I had always enjoyed spending time there. We have a computer next to it, my oldest sons Computer, and a swivel chair. Our baby was playing with his brother and I. When the chair spun and caught the baby between the chair and the stove. Like Evan always was naked this time was no difference. The pellet stove burned the right side of his body. Primarily on his bottom and leg with burns 6 inches long. He had very minor burns on his arm also. He yelped and screamed followed by endless cries and jumping around in pain. His poor baby skin was burned onto the pellet stove. I held and loved him till I could get him to calm down a little. The I ran for all those baby first aid books and started to treat his burns with cool wet wash clothes. He was having no part of it. I called the doctors and brought him right in. The saw to him immediately and cleaned and treated his woulds. For the last week and a half now. We have been dealing with a burned baby. Giving him antibiotics to treat any infections, cleaning the wounds, applying a silver solution to them, and keeping him as comfortable and with as little interaction with things that could upset the burns as possible. We bring him back in to the doctors ever couple days so they can reassess clean and dress his burns. The good news is he is healing well. It could have been so much worse. His trauma has however, made him unable to control his bladder. He is wetting all the time. The doctors assure us this will stop soon. But through many prayer all of us are getting through it.


So tired

I have been to tired to post lately. As you can see. Not that I haven't wanted to but I am exhausted! I can't believe how much the restaurant takes out of me. The hours I spend there and the work I bring home is piling up. I can't devote more to it and yet I have to run it. My house seems to be moving along but not how I kept it. So I am trying to redo some systems I have at both. I thought time management was a good skill I had not the best but I thought I was able to do it. Now I realize how much more instruction and help I need with it.

In conclusion I am going to try to do more posting on my journey through all of this so maybe I can offer something to you all, I can gain something from advice that is sent so please send it, and I will keep up better with all of you in blog land. I have missed you and have kept you and your families in my mind.
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