Monday, September 22, 2008


My family has been sick lately and particularly me. When we are sick some chores get pushed to the side and some things build up. Yes the laundry is one of them. In fact it is at a terrible point.

Feeling better this morning I walked around the house and almost got sick again. Well actually disguested. There it was everywhere! Laundry!!! Piles and piles of laundry. Clean clothes, dirty clothes piled on top of dressers, washing machines and floors. I am surprised we still have any clothes left in our closets. Which brings me to another realization. I need to go through our clothes and give some away. There is just to much.


I through in my first load and made $1.75. Hooray! I don't mind doing the laundry. I don't even mind folding it and putting it away. I DO mind when there is this much to be put away but it is okay. I made and extra $1.75 so far and as you can see there is potential to make a lot more.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A 6 item meme

I've been tagged, so here goes!

The "rules" of the game are as follows:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

I love long hair. On me and on my boys. I hate getting their hair cut. It can put me in a bad mood for days. I wanted to see what a longer hair cut would look like on my DH, kinda the suave GQ looks,not long rocker or biker look, and it was horrible. His hair is so thick it looked like a big fluffy mess.

I believe thank to him I have now developed a mild case of claustrophobia. I start getting anxious when I have so many employees around me I am tripping over them. And when I am home I have to open all the door and shades to let the light in. Otherwise I feel to confined.

My birthday is the same as Albert Einsteins there for my parents gave me an "E" at the end of middle name Lynne because of him. Besides that I am named after no one.

I have not flown on anything but a private plane since 911.

I am watching Curious George right now. I like the movie and the soundtrack. I really enjoy Jack Johnson as a singer/songwriter. I have tons of his music. He would be in one of the top concerts I would like to go to. Also in that category: U2, Rob Thomas, and Dave Matthews.

I love peeps. But only at Easter time. I don't care if they are the chicks or bunnies or even what color they are but at Easter I eat them all the time. And of course they must be stail. I will not eat them any other time of the year they just don't taste right.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another day out with Thomas

He's back and we were there. Yup, our blue friend from across the pond made it back to Pennsylvania. I always enjoy going out to Strasburg to go to the trains. That particular train station is where they made all the Thomas trains in the U.S.(the big trains for the movies), where they shot the magic railroad, and it is clean.


It is also out deep into Amish country and a joy to drive by and see farms and workers.


But another great joy about going out to Strasburg is we pass right by my nieces house! So to all of our joy we stopped by and picked her up. This is the second year we took our little girl to see the trains and she is just as happy to shout "Thomas" as the boy when that number one engine come by.


Both of my boys have had a fascination with trains since they could make the chuga-chuga sound and push them around. So it is very fortunate we live in PA. Where there is an abundant supply of trains. Big trains, little trains, scenic trains, Lego trains, wooden trains, you name it PA has got it easy and accessible. There were all sorts of Thomas activities there. The 2 little ones really enjoyed the wooden track Thomas. They have one at home so the fascination with the three of them there was a little lost on me. I suppose just because they are new.


My oldest enjoyed the Lego Thomas. He played with this one for quite awhile as Lego's are new to him. Due to Mommy and Daddy being OCD we do not allow toys with lots of pieces.


However, I do think they enjoyed the pedal train the best. I was a little worried that Danica would not be able to do this as she is only 2 but no our little girl sat down a peddled as well as any other kid there.


Why do people put tattoos on kids? Neither my DH or I have tattoos and in fact we despise tattoos. But yup here we are tattooing our children and niece. Hopefully temporary tattoos are the only one all three will see.



My sweet wonderful DH while I was waiting in line with the children he snuck off. He went off with the best intentions and came back with presents for ME!! Oh how sweet! He picked me up a shew fly pie and a brand new bonnet. I love it. I wore it all day. This one is a sun bonnet. It works so well. Giving me shade as I work through the day. Thank you Jay!


It was a great day. I love my family and my little niece!


Friday, September 19, 2008

We took the training wheels off

Yesterday after much nagging by my 5yo we took the training wheels off his bike. According to him he was ready. Maybe. But he does not get that much practice on his bike. Our drive way is gravel so the only safe place to ride is the park. But when we go ridding there it usually consists of ridding there, playing and ridding back. However, most of his friends ride without training wheels so his dad and I were willing to give it a try. So we took the training wheels off.


He gave it a good shot.


A few blocks down the road he had enough. Not to mention Dads back. The training wheels went back on.

When we got home dad did what he does best got on line and researched it. We read many articles on how to teach your child to ride a bike. We will keep on trying...all of us.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Half way through September!?

Busy does not even begin to describe how I have been lately. Don't get be wrong this is the kind of busy I like, the productive busy. However, it jumped from the first to the 12? Time you are like a wave receding into the ocean you leave quickly and when I get a moment it is to short.

A few day after Labor Day my boys headed over to spend their weekend with their cousins. Where they were treated to a Doodlebops concert. I do not have any pictures because I did not go. Any of you moms who have seen them will realize the great loss I am feeling by missing the concert. But thank you sucker..oops I meant Aunt Patty, who took all four children in the poring rain to see the Doodlebops. Hahaha. Ahh I would feel worse if it hadn't been for the fact that we bought her a wii the same weekend. So dry off, block the memory and play mario kart.

With the children away my DH the romantic had planned a great honeymoon of sorts weekend. Spoiling me with dinner at the restaurant that is so hard to get a reservation. A new gown to wear to it. And if you don't know me I love cocktail dresses, designer dresses. My closets here, at my mothers and my mother in laws houses are full of them because I love them so much. I have so many and feel bad about paying that much for I wear them casually around the house. A weird princess obsession.

Yeah right, the owning lots of dresses is true but as far as the romantic husband sure. I brought home dinner from Denny's, Nachos so you know that lead to no where, and I worked on finishing up my laundry room makeover. Which is still not done.
I painted walls, painted trim, changed my mine and repainted ugh I want to be done with it!


I missed my kids. I am lonely and lost without them. So I eagerly awaited their return. Once home the boys and I settled back into some school year normality. We did our studies and attended our Thursday morning classes. One of their "socialization's". It is hard to get them out and over to friends, clubs or activities. I need to be better about this. I just often am so busy and so much wanting to spend time with them myself that I over look their neglect of interaction with other kids.

We took down our butterfly garden. It grew well and big this summer but lived it course. The boys found out that when you pull a garden out it become a wonderful place to race trucks. So I had let it be for a while, and let it become a monster truck track.


But all good and messy things must come to an end. Yesterday we planted our fall garden. It looks great. A work in progress as the cabbage and it brilliantly perfect color will fill the garden in. We have beautiful mums, the best looking mascaraed peppers I have seen they had a tied in touch. I never knew they existed but now I have a few of them. And of course a few pumpkins which this collection will grow tremendously by the time Halloween is here. I like it. The children like gardening too. It makes me happy to do it with them and it is very rewarding to all of us.

If I am rambling forgive me as I came home at 4 this morning awoke at 7 by a little boy wanting to watch curious George I tried to get a few more hours of sleep but never enough. SO I am off to make(order) lunch and continue on the laundry room project.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

This year for Labor Day we took off to just have fun. We went to Hershey Park! It was my husbands first time as well as our youngest son so that was extra exciting. Besides my husband my family loves roller coasters. We got on and did as much as we could in one fun packed day.

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