Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Front Page News !!?!!!!!

The Day before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days for papers.  It is our little towns biggest paper of the year.  Stuffed full of adds for black Friday and many extras.  The paper was doing an insert for Thanksgiving about traditions.  I had talked to them about our family and our thanksgiving tree and something special I was planning on doing with the tree for my family.  They loved the story and said they would include it in there.  I thought how cool and was waiting for Wednesday to get here so I could go buy it.  I did not tell my kids they would be in the paper I wanted to surprise them.

I had to work that day and the paper comes out after I go to work so I could not pick it up.  Before noon I was walking around town and purposely walked by street news stands and they were all sold out, everyone of them.  I was dishearten.  I thought I would not get a paper and be able to save it for my kids.  The article was online but.. I wanted the newsprint.

After work I stopped by a gas station to get a drink and hopefully find a paper.  How could a whole town be sold out.  I walked in and went to the paper stand and my jaw dropped.  I froze.  It was like I was hit with a stick of disbelief.  There it was the paper and there on the FRONT page was our article!


OMGoodness!!  2 of my handsome boys were on the cover of the biggest paper of the year.  My shock turned into a smile.  A big smile I could not wipe off my face.


And then there is the article.  My secret.  It was not only in the paper but on the cover.  Needless to say my phone and facebook lit up.  Take a moment read the article.


 When does a normal mother having a baby make front page news?  When you live in a small town and not much else is happening.  And 5 babies out here is not news either.  I live in Amish/ Mennonite/ Kate +8 country big families are the norm and mine is still not considered big with 5 little ones.  Front page worthy or not it was so exciting to see the article there. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 we are so happy to have another baby.  And for my 2 big celebrity boys, yea they think they are all that now, super stars.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My son is in to trying new foods and I couldn't be happier.  Tonight I made spaghetti for the kids and I was going to eat pot roast.  He told me he wanted to try my "cot roats".  My son has a very difficult speech problem we have been working on it for years.  And pot roast he just can't get out.  Every time he kept talking about  my "cot roats" It sounded like he was saying cockroach.  Gross!  Especially at dinner time.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Questions for other bloggers????

This will be boring to the rest of the world but if you too blog and have a moment please read on.  I have a few question about blogging I was wondering if I can get some help with.

1. Are any of you having trouble with photobucket?  It is so sensitive for me drives me nuts drove me to picsa. And thankfully so.  I do love picasa it is so easy.

2. Except, Are any of you having trouble with picasa?  Where I used to be able to grab the links for photos is gone.  It is now replaced by a mapping location I could care less about.

3. I used to be able to make colleges in both and no longer can in either on any of my computers.  And I bought the premium subscription to picasa.

4. How do you get rid of blogs you no longer want to follow?  I have stopped following them but they still show up in my feed.

5. What do you do to manage all the "coupon/saver/shopping" blogs?  I belong to just a few but they post so frequently that they are often the ONLY ones I see in my feed.  I miss the blogs I really want to read.  I do like these sites as they have saved/cost me much money.

6. Is there a way to put them into a certain category?  And the ones I like in another?

So if you have time and know an answer or two that would be great.  I will thank you now because it is likely I will miss your next post :( but on the cup is half full side I probably just got someone something awesome at a great deal!

Anyways stay tuned once I get the picture stuff figured out because I got some great pictures and stories to share of our Thanksgiving break, and we still have 2 days left!  Wahooo!!!  Love the family time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

May everyone have a wonderful and easy day.


Another one that made me chuckle especially because of my work.


Monday, November 21, 2011

still swinging

Someday we have an Indian summer, even though it is November. If it is hot or cold we are still outside and these two still love swinging.





The happiest Ma mum.




Look at those two teeth.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Surprise Self Portraits

Isn't it so much fun to find surprise shots in your camera?  I find them quite often actually.  And I just love them.  This one was not to bad.  He 8 year old got him, his sister and a brother all in the arms reach shot.  I just love my little guy so much and love his surprises.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Childrens Identy Theft

I never thought that was anything to worry about.  As a matter of fact I never thought about it.  I often see the commercials on TV about protecting your identity and the programs they have to help.  Well those programs are just junk.  They can not guarantee your identity will not be stolen they will do the paperwork and leg work for you once it is.

On many blogs, and other social media outlets many people use pet names for their family members to protect them.  Some other have no pictures of there kids on facebook.  People do all different types of things to hide and protect their families identity.  I am not so private.  I have tons of pictures of my kids on my blog and facebook.  I give lots of information about them.  I rejoice in them and can't keep it in.  Maybe I should.

A few months ago one of my  kids started receiving publishers clearing house stuff.  He thought it was cool because his name was all over it.  And month after month they kept coming.  We laughed it off thinking haha what if he really one (does anyone ever really win those?)  What if it was thousands of week for life and they just named a 6 year old there winner.  He would be set.  But other pieces of junk mail kept coming.  Yesterday yet another pieces asking for money for a reputable charity.

I just threw it to the side thinking just another thing.  But my husband chimed in and said I wonder if someone might have stole his identity.  And then all the pieces started whirling through my mind.  Why is this only happening to 1 of my kids?  Why is a 6 year old receiving all these offers, continually.  He is to young to and has never entered his name on any soliciting list.  Any online game he plays is registered to me.  How could I ignore months of this and think nothing of it but as awe look honey you got mail.


We quickly looked at the credit reporting sites.  But found out you can not access a child's credit 13 and under online ever.  You can get YOUR child's credit 14 and older.  Now this does not mean you can not get your very minor child's credit.  Especially if you think there is reason to believe of misdoing.  You have to write to all three credit reporting agencies.  Two of them have online forms you can fill out and 1 you can only send a letter by mail.  They wont give you an answer at the site they email it to you or mail it to you.  So it takes a little time.

I started filling out forms and writing letters.  But my impatient self was still not at rest.  And I wondered if there might have been other ways to find out.  So I called our bank.  My son has a savings account and a CD.there so they have all his information, they know I am his mother, and they can tell me if someone has been accessing his account, and maybe be able to get me the credit report faster.

Well they too could not access his credit.  They had no reason to run his credit and identity theft does not permit the bank to access it.  But they said there has been nothing done to his accounts and as soon as someone would try they would stop it because of his age.  But they put a caution on it and said I am taking all the right steps.

Well the good news is I have heard back from 1 agency and they say there is nothing to alert them to theft.  Some how it seems as his name got on a junk mail list, maybe through a magazine?  He does get a LEGO one.  However this whole ordeal is making me step back and think.  Maybe I should not be so open.  I would hate to think of  someone ever ruining his dreams for him.  You need good credit to get through life.  For college, cars and a home, I can't imagine someone spoiling all of that for him.  Something scary did not happen but reminds you it is all to real and could.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas at Bass Pro Shop

How many days till Christmas?....36  Yes just 36 more days.  I think when it gets down to thirty one we should all get new bags ;)  I know it is not even Thanksgiving and it does feel like that is skipped over since it is less than a week away.  I have done nothing for thanksgiving yet but our Thanksgiving tree.  No plans, no idea, no grocery list, no time.  We have not even watched it A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year.


But I will make that happen real soon.

Everything is Christmas.  In the stores, since August, it has been all Christmas.  In our home everyone has been focused on Christmas.  What they want, what they want to give.  What they don't think a certain brother should get because he has been mean.  (And that certain brother is not a particular one.  It is who ever upsets them at the moment)

The other weekend they even went to see the man in red.  HOHO as Smiley calls him.


Well the boys did at least.  My parents swung by on there way to Bass Pro Shop.  Up there not only did they get to see Santa but there cousins were there also.


I wish Faith had gone she has never meet my little nephew Jacob.


In fact I only have seen him once.  When he was just 2 weeks old.  But I do love him and I think he is a cutie.  He and Faith are 1 month apart.  Hopefully at Christmas we can get all 6 of them together.

Along with the kids i sent my camera.  My parents got a few shots off for me.  One of each of the kiddos riding the carousel.

My brother Randy and my nephew Jacob

My little Evan

Smiley I think this was his first carousel ride?

My favorite niece Danica

Gregory my wonderful son

Wow wish I could have been there.  Even for a girl I like Bass Pro Shop.  There is enough fun stuff to do.  And there aquarium is awesome.  But I am sure I will be up there soon enough.  In the mean time, the quiet time Faith and I had at home.  We curled up on the couch and watch Berlin City Ballet presentation of the Nutcracker.  I love on demand and I love having a little girl to watch the Nutcracker with.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Thanksgiving Tree

I am thankful I get to have breakfast and dinner with my kids everyday.  Not only is it a good time to be with them as they start their day and end it but throughout the whole month each night we write down on a leaf what we are thankful for.  We add the leaves to our thankful tree.


They are thankful for so many varied things.  Some are sweet, some are funny, a lot our their interests, and a few necessities.  God, Faith, and family are very present.  All wonderful thoughts.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


This week Evan learned to make scrambled eggs. This week Faith ate her first scrambled eggs and loves them. He is just as happy to make them for her as she is to eat them.  A perfect match up.


Friday, November 11, 2011


What a day, we won't have another like it for 13 more months, 12-12-12.  Honestly I am tired of hearing all the comments about it.  No reason they should be getting to me but they are.  I do believe that it is the perfect day to get married or birth a child, if you are like me and can never remember any dates.  Nope not even the kids birthdays.  They correct me all the time.  But I do love lists and what a perfect day for a top 11 list!  Here are my top 11 favorite things on 11-11-11.

1.  Shades of Wyldemor I have been coming back to the site daily this week and just loving the dresses.  I encourage you to check them out but don't buy any just in case I want to commit to that dress.  (they are one of a kinds)

2. My computer it keeps me connected.

3. Taking pictures and editing them.  But I would love it even more with a much needed new camera.

4. My kids school.  It is just awesome.  I love the school, I love the teachers, I love the philosophy, and I love how much they love it.  It is the best place for them and they are thriving.

5. Drooling over thanksgiving menus.  I have been flipping through magazines.  Wasting time on food network.  Looking over printables to go with the meals online.  Yum I truly love the Thanksgiving menu and can't wait to eat.

6. Hair bows.  I just think they are the greatest and love dressing up Faith in them.

7. Modern Family.  That show makes me laugh.  Not that I get a chance to watch it but enjoy it when I do.

8. My pellet stove.  It keeps me warm and I love to sit on top of it (and yes I am amazingly able to withstand the heat and not get burned if wearing clothes) and read my magazines.

9.  My job.  I am learning so much, teaching so much and finding joy and accomplishment in my work.  I truly feel loved and appreciated 

 Can you believe this they even make braille wine labels!

10. My church Five Forks Church it is simply the best we have ever been to.  I love going there, all the activities it offers, all the friends I have made, the positives influences on my children, the childcare so I to can learn.  It is there I have built my faith and my love for God and his church.

11.  You knew this one was coming.... MY KIDS!!!!  Love them everyday!  SO much, they are such blessing.  Just the best and I am so proud of them.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

baby wants to play checkers

The other day the big boys got a new checkers game.  And even though she is only 7 months she wants to do everything they do.  She wants to be with them all the time.  She wants them tickling and cooing over her.  She is just as excited about them as they are enamored with her.  So of course she wants to play too.

She wanted to so badly she tried crawling out of her chair to get to them.  She is determined.

But in the essence of keeping it real.  A real life look in to my place on a Saturday afternoon with all the kids home.  God love them mess and all.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The love notes begin

My sweet Evan came home the other day with his first love letter.  Big giddy smiles over here because it is just cute right now.

It is hard to understand as it was wrote by a 6 year old to my 6 year old.  But I think it says:

I love Evan he's my best friend. And from there no one in our house can figure it out.  But the picture of them holding hands with a heart above it pretty much gives it away.

So sweet.

But what am I going to do when its real?

At least I got time to think about it.
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