Friday, August 31, 2012

Franklin County Fair 2012

We made it to the fair.  We made it following a hard camping trip.  We made it with my parents help.

I had a great time and the kids an even better one.

There is something about the county summer fair, you have to go.  They are just a part to the summer a fun, a part that you always remember.  Even though we live in the country and often it is our neighbors that are showing their animals, wining beauty queen, or the performing groups it is still fun to go.

The kids love the rides best they are my thrill enthusiast. However these enthusiast only got to ride kiddie rides, with the exception of the feriswheel.  That was a first, a big deal and pretty cool.



They loved the carousel.




And thanks to the boys school they are still singing chitty chitty bang bang, all summer long, and through the rides.


But it was cute.

Faith was a struggle to get off any of the rides.  She loved them and did not want the fun to end.  I laugh at this picture.  Of my little girl and her developing attitude.


I can imagine her saying: now mom I know you will get me off when this train stops but if I were you I would rethink that.  I will scream, cry, and put out my pouty lip until you put me back on it.  And I know you will cave first.

And I would.

Grace was there I think the youngest if not pretty close to it.  Many friends got to see her for the first time.  Mema held, loved and feed her.


Of course there were the animals.  The kids don't actually think to much of them.  As I said we live in the country and these animal are found all over.  It is not like they have never seen a cow or been to a dairy farm countless times.


Now this picture is not great.  But I kept it because I had never seen this face on Gregory before.  Yes it still looks like him but a new expression.


Or so I thought.  Until going through more I saw Smiley with the same one.


My boys sure do resemble each other.

Of course we can't forget the pictures in big tractor wheels.




It was a nice day.  For late August the weather was great and we all had fun till we all got worn out.


some more than others :)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

first day of school 2012

It is that time of year again.  The beginning of another school year.  The boys were So excited, and that is such an understatement.  I am so happy for them.  They are looking forward to being back at their school, seeing their teachers and mostly their friends.


This year Gregory is the top dog in classroom he is a third year.


Evan's moving up to he is now a second year lower elementary student.


They have been counting down the days since the beginning of the month.  Smiley wants to go so badly.  He adores his big brothers and wants to be just like them.  A few more years little boy.


of course I  had the boys wait till after breakfast and after they brushed their teeth to put on their new shirts so they would be crisp and clean.  And of course the plan did not work out.  As Gregory was playing with Grace before he left he squeezed her with a big hug and spit up came right out on his shirt.  Aw having a 6 week old sister.  He washed it off and it dried real quick.  He is to excited to let something like that spoil this day.


And the time came for the van to come.  Hugs and kisses to their little sister.


Then out the door they went.


Bye big boys have a great first day at school.  I all ready miss you!

Wow how they have grown.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

birthday buddies

These two little girls are both so special.  And they  share a birthday.  Desi and Grace were both born the same day day, different states, different moms different circumstances.  Desi has been praying for a baby for so long so when our little Grace was born in her birthday she was so very excited.  Although not a sister she got a birthday buddy she just adores,



Friday, August 24, 2012


We are back home after a crazy few day.  Wow.  I am done camping for the year, forever.  After a crazy few days I need a break!  But it is late I am tired, it is late and truthfully there are days I have smelled better.  So off to a shower then bed and so much cleaning...tomorrow, after the fair :)  (breath in breath out)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camping Again

My day started out early because of my hungry little girl.  Aw happy morning time with her.  That is always special.  I was planning on getting a bunch of school work done today as it is my last week of the summer! YAY!!

But the day did not go as planned.
                Jay started it out by lets go camping again.


                              Me, no, nope, no thanks.
                Jay but is is the last chance we will have before the boys go back to school.
                              Me, still no.  We just got back I am not ready for this fun again. (after all I still have not                                             even blogged about the last time)
               Jay well look it up see what you can do.
                             Me, blah let me roll over and have some more coffee.


So I made to the computer and looked up to many places to keep straight.  I started calling places and trying people to see what to do in less that 24 hour notice.


Ugh it was not fun and I could no longer keep anything straight.  I gave up and we are just going close to home.  That is fine with me.  There is lots to do there and I the boys will be happy.  plus I got some good ideas for September and October.

I started packing.


The neighbors probably thought I threw Jay out.  Deservingly after such short notice.  It may have been fine in our 20's but now a family of 7 it takes SO MUCH time.

Well the boys are happy.  Extremely happy they can't wait to go!


My little princess' well at least I will be there to comfort them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

camera hog

I found a minute the other day and I was going to try to get a few pictures of Grace at 1 MONTH old!  But that was not going to happen, at least not by herself.  As soon as I laid a blanket down Faith ran out and jumped in.


She brought her little teddy bear.


And then started to coo over her sister too.


For the most part they do not really interact.  Faith goes and hugs her, then pets her, then steals her binky and goes on.  They don't understand how lucky they are yet.  I have very few pictures of them together so I did not mind at all that my little camera hog came to steal the sow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 weeks old Grace

because it has been so busy here.  Because I am wrapping up my summer classes this week and next I have not had time for anything!  I wish I could say I am basking in the heavenly enjoyment of a newborn, but rather than sitting staring at my precious baby reality is a bit more crazy.


I can't wait for this semester to end.  In reality I should have took it off.  Juggling books and babies is quite difficult.  I have an intensive writing course and it keeps me so busy.  Not to mention Grace.  What a good baby but I am busy with her and my other 4 too.  This is sadly a normal sight.  feeding her, reading book, writing papers.  She does take precedence and other things slide.  For example....


In this picture took by my 7 year old you can see slices of real life.  Not always easy.  So I have not had time to edit our vacation pictures, blog, or do handfuls of so many other things.  I tried to get some pictures took of Grace for her birth announcements before she is no longer a newborn but only managed a few.  I hopefully will get the rest done Morrow and in the mean time here is a few.





She is such a WONDERFUL baby!  She is clam and good, so beautiful, she loves her mama.  She can sit and stare at me for hours without sleeping with her gazing blue/gray eyes.  She weighs almost 9 pounds and makes the cutest faces.  She squiggles and wiggles and finds comfort on my chest.  She is worth everything in the world.  I absolutely love her.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Until Later

We are home from a brief short notice vacation.  There is a lot to be done so more on our trip later.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my poor cat

It has been a hard week for our spoiled cat.


I even feel bad for the ugly thing.  She went to the vet and got fixed.  YAY!  No more worrying about finding homes for kittens.  When we picked her up and brought her home she could not even stand.  She couldn't walk.  She was miserable.  We carried her to comfortable spots to try to bring her ease but nothing worked.  She would lay there shaking.   It almost makes forget about the times I find her in all the places she should not be.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Cost of Kids: DIAPERS

Lots of kids =lots of expenses.  One unavoidable expenses is diapers.  They have to have have them.  Right now I have 3 kids in diapers.  Ouch.  So how can you combat that price?  Buy in bulk.


We never can even put them away we have corners in our house that are packed high with diapers. They will go through a pile like this faster than you would think, a few weeks.  So yes the cost adds up.  But I do not always buy brand name diaper.  I often buy Sams Club, it saves a bunch.  I have tried many of the generic brands and do not like most but the club store Sams or Costco ones really work great.

I was getting questioned about this the other day which is what led to me writing to all of you.  She was remarking how she could afford 3 kids in diapers.  I also told her I would rather have 3 in diaper than my older 2 in club sports.  Honestly that cost is more.  Club sports are EXPENSIVE.  Equipment, clothing, fundraisers, pictures, fees, and mostly gas.  I drove 2 hours a day to their practices and games 3 times a week.  Expenses come at all ages and diapers are not cheap but aren't the worst.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before the Baby

It is hard to think back 2 weeks ago till before Grace came into our lives but waiting on her arrival we went to the park.  We always enjoy the park.  We packed a lunch and packed the kids and headed over.

I don't know what it is about spinning your kids out of control that is so much fun but we love it,  they love it.




Smiley rode for a bit to but he can't take take it like the big kids.  The best part is always when they get off.  Watching them try to find there balance and then fall in the sand.


She loved the slide.  She always loves going up and down I think she could have done it a hundred times.  She might have?  But being so pregnant I could only take it for a little bit.

Often the best times are playing with your family at the park.

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