Monday, October 15, 2007

The Hiding Place

I am not a book reader. I do enjoy them but I am a slow reader so I would much rather just watch them on TV. I love magazines but are short and easy to find time to read. A few weeks ago I was at the church library. A wonderful place I love to go and am so grateful we have. I went there to look and see what was new. Up on my favorite shelf, the audio shelf, I saw a shinny red DVD looking box. I grabbed it and it was not a DVD but a book on CD. I was excited with these long drives I make every day this would entertain me, and I did not have to read it. It was called the hiding place and looked like a mystery, so I thought. The next day i put it in my car and started listening. It was a biography about a family in Holland during the Holocaust.

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This intense story is a superbly produced drama about the lives, sufferings, and triumphant joys of the ten Boom family. Imprisoned in Nazi Germany's Ravensbrook concentration camp for helping to save the lives of Jews by harboring them in their Holland home, Corrie ten Boom and her sister, Betsie, suffer inhuman treatment at the hands of Nazi prison guards. The love between the two sisters and toward their God deepens as their trials intensify.

An old watchmaker in Holland. His two spinster daughters, Corrie and Betsie. Simple, ordinary people. Yet these three unlikely heroes became the center of a major underground operation. Their operation: to hide Jewish refugees from the occupying Germans.
These kindly, law-abiding people broke every rule in the book to save the lives of the men, women and children being hunted by the Nazis. They built a secret chamber in their home, smuggled in food and supplies, procured stolen ration cards. Yet even when they were betrayed and sent away to the dreaded Ravensbruck concentration camp, they managed to create another Hiding Place for those around them...
Recorded in London, England, and also in Holland – at the actual house in Haarlem where the ten Boom family sheltered Jewish refugees – The Hiding Place is a Radio Theatre production unlike any other. The all-star cast includes Wendy Craig (Radio Theatre’s The Chronicles of Narnia) and Isla Blair (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), and features a stirring original score by Jared DePasquale.
The Hiding Place is an unforgettable true story that shows the cost of standing for justice and humanity in the face of evil.
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I loved it I was so excited to listen to it every day. I can only hope to one day have even half the faith of these people. I so strongly recommend it to every one. The version I listened to was great it was like being at the theater.

Here are some links:

The version I listened to.

The link to her museum:


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I know you posted this eons ago, but I wanted to share something about Corrie tenBoom.
After the war, she was lecturing about forgivness and the Love of Christ and His mercy and Grace, and after one lecture a man came up to her and told her he had been a guard at Ravensbruck, and he was deeply sorry for everything, and because of her speech, he knew that the Lord would forgive him. Could she do the same? and he held out his hand. She said she was suddenly transported back to the camp, and the fear and the humiliation as she had had to walk past this man in her nuthin's. She could not stretch forth her hand. it would not move. and so she prayed that the Lord would give her the strength to stretch forth her hand as well, with His forgiveness if nothing else. she said her hand moved and when their hands touched in a handshake, she DID forgive him, and she said that only the Lord could have done that. She could not have on her own.

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