Friday, January 4, 2008

So tired

I have been to tired to post lately. As you can see. Not that I haven't wanted to but I am exhausted! I can't believe how much the restaurant takes out of me. The hours I spend there and the work I bring home is piling up. I can't devote more to it and yet I have to run it. My house seems to be moving along but not how I kept it. So I am trying to redo some systems I have at both. I thought time management was a good skill I had not the best but I thought I was able to do it. Now I realize how much more instruction and help I need with it.

In conclusion I am going to try to do more posting on my journey through all of this so maybe I can offer something to you all, I can gain something from advice that is sent so please send it, and I will keep up better with all of you in blog land. I have missed you and have kept you and your families in my mind.

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