Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

On the first day of December we got out tree! This is very unusual for us as we normally wait till a week or so before Christmas. However, the excitement of a certain 5 year old this prompted us to jump in the car and head out. We went to the same lot we have been going to ever since we moved into this house. They are nice and it is close to home so all together it works for us. Last year Jay went out by himself and got a nice tree, expensive tree. This year was the first time we all went and we looked around pulled out a few and then settled on a smaller, full, wonderful tree. And the best part it was only $25! All right it pays for me to come along.

We through it on the roof rack and took it home. The boys pleading to put it up. It really was not as hard as normal to get it up this year. Maybe because we have done it so much now, or maybe because we got a new tree stand. Either way it was up and I was tired. But that would not do tonight. The kids simply would not rest with out decorating it. I saw a beautifully decorated blue, white and silver themed room in a magazine that I so wanted to recreate in my house. It would have worked so well since I have such a beautiful colored blue room. But to buy all new decorations...I just could not afford it this year. My husband said lets just use the stuff we already have and after Christmas we will buy new stuff for next year. Fine with me. So we pulled out the many Rubbermaid tubs marked Christmas and opened up. The children of course were like kids in a candy store. Ohs and ahs pulling everything out. Since we are using the previous decor we wrapped the tree the classic white lights and adorned it with a bunch of gold, silver, and frosted balls. I through on a few gold bows too. It is very pretty, classic and timeless. It is the beautiful tree I remember from years past.

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