Friday, January 30, 2009

Car repairs day 1

As a stay at home Dad my husband is privileged to spend so many glorious hours with the children. They have learned so much about each other. This resulting in the children often shadow him in the household. They love to do the things he does especially when it come to being able to touch the things they would normally have to stay away from.

What do little boys like more than cars? Getting to help fix them! This day nothing was wrong with the car more than needing to replace a headlight but that is still a big deal to them. They were so excited. While their Dad was gathering the tools he would need the boys were scurrying around the house collecting their shoes and coats to hurry out side to work on the car too.

All three went outside and what would probably take my husband no time at all took well over an hour. They opened up the hood and excitement rang out of the little mouths. Cheers and praise yahoo its the engine! Stares of amazement and laps around the car. Yahoo cheap entertainment!


Okay now lets take the do hickey off and twist and turn the thing a ma jig (this is probably the same terminology my husband uses too). All right I think we are now ready to screw, plug in or whatever you do to replace the headlight.


All done. After a long hour of "what's this, what does that do, is this supposed to come off?" Daddy and the boys are done. We now have both working headlights.

While Daddy puts away the tools our little Evan is planning another repair day for Dad. Oh surprises are so much fun.


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