Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to Blogging

Its been a long time to go with out blogging and I feel called to be back. I have been tossing it around very lightly in my head and last night I sat up in the middle of the simi sleeping and why not get down stairs and start writing. However, like I said this was late at night and I figured it could wait till morning.

The reason I stopped was simply I just had no time. Between juggling a family, career, homeschooling, pregnancy and home this was one of the many things I gave up. I sill have my family and am very close to adding a new member any day now. We are still homeschooling as we will run it through the summer. But I am no longer working. That has freed up well over 60 hours a week for me. I am taking that time and focusing it differently able and excited to blog again.

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