Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How many fridges does a family of 5 need?

I had a dream last night that we had moved. That we had bought and were now living in our BIG house. It was not a mini mansion just a big house with a really big kitchen. When we bought our house we bought it with the intention of moving in 5 years. Stay here fix it up and build equity was the goal. It is a very affordable home and was then close to my husbands work.

But since then my husband does not work at that location anymore and I now work in where I have over an hour commute each way. Last week when I got stuck in traffic it took me 3 hours to get there. Thank God for an empty bladder and a full gas tank!

We are and have been quickly outgrowing this house. Now there are 5 of us here 6 is in the plans for the next year or two, I want 10-10-10, how cool would that be! One of my desperate wishes is a LARGE Humongous kitchen. Modern super high end appliances, lots of counter space tons of seating and large scale restaurant refrigerator and freezers.

We started out with a small hand me down very unenergy efficient fridge that my parents had spare. In fact we had to get it in the house before we could even close as a weird stipulation. We used it for a while till we SAVED up and payed cash for a new side by side stainless steel fridge. It was absolutely as big and wonderful we could get that would fit in the designated space. We were so happy and pleased for the cool look extra space and no more constant running.

As the kids got older we got a freezer. That was a great help. We could now store on sale items, chicken, beef, french fries, and we could store pizza. Frozen pizza does not always fit into a side by side.

But still we were constantly running out of room.

We had talked about getting a second fridge for a while but never really acted on it. With the labor day and back to school sales we finally acted on it.

Today on my husbands shopping list diapers, lunchables, and a new fridge. Yes we are getting the 2nd much needed fridge. It is another stainless steel fridge but is smaller and is an over under fridge/freezer. Freezer on top. What a luxury and convenience. I want to use it for the boys. So we can put there food drinks and ice cream in. Okay my ice cream too. But it will be even more energy efficient because we will now be opening the other one less keeping it cooler and running less.

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