Thursday, October 1, 2009

I found 3 pennys heads up but where is my good luck?

It has been a tough week. One of those weeks where things just aren't going my way. I have been working a lot. My schedule has been flip flopping which makes me very tired. I did not get to make it to any of the kids swimming lessons or AWANAS.

We did not even make it to church on Sunday. We couldn't find either of our keys to either of our vehicles. We literally were standing all dressed up, bags packed, baby in his bucket at the door of the car realizing we did not have car keys or truck keys. As we searched for them the minutes ticked by and we missed the service. We eventually found one set of keys, unlocked the car to find the other.

I went to work very early on Monday, with almost no sleep. It was a bad day there and the place was falling apart and I was beyond exhausted unable to do anything. Tuesday on my way to work feeling a little more rested I jumped in the car and took off. Apparently a little to fast. I got pulled over. Yes I was speeding and I got a ticket. A salty hit to our budget. I was looking at a weekend trip in New York but decided against it as it was a little to much. I am glad I did not book it because this ticket is MORE! Ugh I am so mad. A ticket! So much for my good driving record and great insurance. In despair I called my husband and he laughed at me. Then said slow down. But what is worse is he told the kids. He told the kids Mommy was driving fast and the policeman gave her a ticket. The kids asked if Mommy was bad and had to go to jail. He was laughing and said yes.

No I was not in jail. When I woke up the next morning and saw the little boys they ran to me, hugged me, and cheered Mom your home from jail! Thanks honey. I can't wait to they tell their bible school teacher this one.


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