Saturday, November 9, 2013

Old Mc Donald's Farm

My kids are crazy for parks playground and those fun fall pumpkin farms that pop up in the beginning of fall.  We headed down to Old McDonald's pumpkin farm in West Virginia with my parents for so much fun.

 photo IMG_4637_zps21384d4c.jpg

It is one of those places with so much to do. Including zip lines.  The older boys loved them.

 photo IMG_4470_zpsea924e4f.jpg

And the highlight of them all was the long tube slide.

 photo IMG_4599_zpsd0169b51.jpg

 photo IMG_4597_zps98ebd6d2.jpg

 photo IMG_4510_zps622149e5.jpg

Even baby cakes loved the slides.  She could not get them to take her down enough times.

 photo IMG_4494_zpse312f2c1.jpg

These two have got to be the worst corn hole players.  Is that game popular everywhere?  It is a big thing on the east coast.

 photo IMG_4613_zpsbbe4d037.jpg

 photo IMG_4614_zps183c44cb.jpg

Of course there was lots of corn to play in.

 photo IMG_4593_zpsda1a0fbc.jpg

The farmer tried to convince me that this would be good to have at my house?!  Absolutely not.  It is filthy, attracts mice and I was finding corn in my kids clothes at every bathroom stop.

 photo IMG_4521-Copy_zps44e44cea.jpg

 photo IMG_4435_zps90d279ad.jpg

Even corn angles.

 photo IMG_4433_zps14bef1c6.jpg

A bunch of barn yard animals and a turkey that looked so delicious.  Soon you big fat turkey.

 photo IMG_4413_zps3df6320f.jpg

 photo IMG_4408_zpsdc30abe1.jpg

One cool thing all the kids enjoyed too were these huge tubes.

 photo IMG_4544_zps9ea5752e.jpg

They would push them far up the hill get in and roll or run down.  Even the little girls enjoyed it but often would get thrown out.  Never in any harm though.  They did not get pushed up as far as the boys.

 photo IMG_4627_zpsf8971c62.jpg

It is never,never, never easy to get them all to look.

 photo IMG_4623_zps574541e8.jpg

Oh well.  Another fun time.

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