Thursday, April 10, 2014

March is over!

Whew we made it through the March birthday madness. We still have both mothers birthdays coming up later in April, but that feels like such a nice break till then.  Whew.  I am glad it is over and...just glad it is over.  My daughters birthday was the last of the March ones.  We had a bunch of things planed but the kids were just not their best.  We had lots of running to do to, and that all conflicted with my perfect mental image of a sweet princess/ Angelina Ballerina birthday for her.  However, she was BEAUTIFUL and still had a great time.  More than a few meltdowns from each child and I think at lest 2 from me.

 photo IMG_5878_zpse798c45a.jpg

She turned 3.  She is a grown up still my baby 3.  I am just as crazy about her now as ever maybe more.  This girl is AWESOME!

 photo IMG_5857_zpse71ec970.jpg

I know it is know almost a month past her birthday but that is because it is truly hard for me to find the time to blog anymore.  I try and try but..I am exhausted and always busy.  But that is why I love instagram.  You don't get the stories but you get a glimps about what is happening and really how many of you read what I right or just scroll through and look at the pictures anyways?

She wanted an Angelina Ballerina cake.  I could not find one, I did not have the time money or skill to make one, so I ordered her a princess Faith ballerina cake and she was over the moon she loved it!!  She still talks about "my Angelina cake with my head"  Although it was a bit weird eating Faith.

And the reason we now have back up plans/relighting plans for birthday cake candles.

 photo IMG_5867_zps11f4bdc3.jpg

They all laugh when it is not their birthday, but when baby blows out the candle on their special day oh they cry.  But each of the others did it when they were babies age too.

We went to watch Frozen again.  But this time in her new costume from  Ms. Ginny, she loves it and still wears it all the time!  Thank you.  And for the frozen microphone and Elsa doll they were perfect and she loves loves them.

I know this is not the best picture but here is baby watching her brother eat popcorn.  If you saw them she was astonished like oh that is how you do it.  And below is another bad picture.  Sorry it was dark in there.  My parents came to to see Faith on her birthday and help me out.  Can you believe they had not seen Frozen yet?!  How did anyone make it without seeing Frozen?

 photo IMG_20140322_184338_zpsc49f394d.jpg

Yay know idea what my oldest is doing.

 photo IMG_20140322_230200_zps3875515a.jpg

And a selfie of me and Smiley!  My love boy

The movie was great, again, again x8 or 9 times then.  It was so fun to see all the little girls dressed in their Frozen outfits.  Girls are such princesses.

It was a nice birthday even with some of the hardships.  And truly now nearly a month later I don't remember the stress, I just melt at the princess pictures.

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