Friday, May 30, 2014

The Spring Show2014

Since I had promised both sets of grandparents a blog post on Friday I figured I would do it.  I will do a recent one that they missed.  Even though I have not posted my Easter pics yet.  I wonder if it is to late.  There is a lot I have not posted but that's okay.  I will get to them sometime hopefully.  Instagram is the place to find us now days.  It is quick and easy and I love it.  Not only do I have an account but I let the big boys have one too.  A pretty locked down one but it has been fun to share with them that way.

The Spring show 2014 it was good.  The kids, all of them did a great job.  The tiny team not so much, true to every event at that brothers school.  Unfortunately my camera batteries died there!  I was not able to get all the videos of them but 4 particles.

The upper el, middle school and high school did an American Voices play.  They would tell some about a few of the presidents and important american, what  they are know for there views and influence that had.  It was very good.  They would sing a song from the time period.  Gregory was a greaser from the 50's.  He did the Freddie with his slick back hair.  He is on the top far left side dancing except the end when he is in the middle.

Sorry if does not play I am having trouble because of copy right laws.

 photo IMG_6325_zpsd9cd60bb.jpg
This is the schools 4-12 grades with maybe a few kids missing.

During the hippie decade he held a love sign.

 photo gregsign_zpsdcec1eb5.jpg

That picture was from the schools website took during a rehearsal because by this time my camera was so very dead.

They sang so many songs but they also sang this little light of mine.  I taped it for the tiny team.

Evans group the lower el did a play called go fish.  It was cute and they too did a great job.  Evan and his best friends were all clown fish.  Evan is the one with the silver top hat, his choice in clown attire.

 photo IMG_6323_zpse2974bb0.jpg

They sang the cutest songs here are snidbits of 2 and a joke by Evan.

The tiny team loves to dance and sing to them too.  It's cute.

 photo IMG_6318_zps802613cc.jpg

And here is their schools 1-3 grade.  They are so little and so joyful.

It was another great spring show.  I am so glad I get to see them and have these memories of the boys childhood performances.

Maybe I will even update you on some other fun thing we have been doing, maybe and hopefully it wont take me a month again. sorry.

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