Wednesday, August 15, 2007

maybe an opening of a new door

What a day! I am glad it is coming to the evening hours. Ups, downs and stress. Today was supposed to be the day our fence was going to be installed. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to that. On one side of our house we have had neighbor troubles for 2 years now, since we moved in. And I am getting a beautiful wood privacy fence to help solve the problem. But since we are investing A LOT of $$$ in this fence I am having it put all around the backyard to also keep in my children and chocolate lab in.

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Okay my 2 don't look as happy but it had them and the dog... I did my best. The other little guy is my 4th child. Well not mine but.... that little 2 year old and his brother are over here all the time. So they make up my number "3 &4" kids. And when I saw all the time I mean it. There mother is going back to school to get her teaching certificate so that's why I have them.

It was 10:30 and the fence people never showed up. I called saying where are you? They told me oh we got backed up on another job and our new date for you is Monday. Ugh...I can not even tell you all how much I wanted to cry. And Monday is the day before my brother in law comes over here form Seattle for the first time. He has never seen our home and has never meet our kids, actually he saw Gregory my oldest when Gregory was 14 months he meet us at the Outer Banks for 3 days. So Monday is my day devoted to making this house so clean that he thinks we always live like this.

I have been in the job market now for a while. I am trying to find something that pays enough that I can be the sole bread winner and my hubby can stay home with the kids. He wants to go to truck driving school also. He has supported me in every way since my 1st son was born. So now I absolutely feel he deserves the chance to be with these amazing kids for a while. That does not mean I don't have my fair share of worries. But if he goes to truck driving school during this time once he is done he can get a much higher paying job and I will be back home!!!! And we might have enough money then to move to a bigger house and fill it up with little feet!

Yesterday I finally had a bite. An national chain called me back to take an assessment test to work for them as a restaurant manager. I took the assessment and called the man back he said lets schedule a phone interview for today at 3PM. Oh my 3, why not now. So I sat there stressing until 3. Now my wild boys on the other hand were screaming and fighting as they always do when I get on the phone. So I arranged to drop them off at a friends so I could have this phone call be quite. She called me up and said can you come over now and watch my kids before I watch yours. I have to go to the library. I dressed the children, mine are always naked it is hard to post pics of them because they hate wearing clothes in the summer, and we went over there. I grabbed The Hobbit on the way out and read the first chapter while there. So far to much detail but good.

She got back in time and I rushed home to have this phone call. I was SO nervous. The phone rang and the man and I chatted for a while. Maybe not so much as chatted but interrogated. I think it went well because he said he was going to call the area supervisor and tell them about me. However, he was worried that I had never done this before. I reassured him I can and would do it great. He said he will call tomorrow. So on pins and needles till then. If the area supervisor likes me then I have to have a face to face interview.

House later and the stress of that call behind me I am looking forward to dinner. I am looking forward to seeing my husband and hanging out with all 4 loud and crazy boys. Keep me in your prayers please.
As for the spacing of paragraphs I don't know why but as soon as I hit publish it takes them all out and leaves me with one big lump of words. Any advice would be great.


The Baker Family said...

I am praying for you--I'm sure you'll get the job!

... said...

what cute little munchkins. and good luck with getting the job.

i can shed a little light on the spaces in your post. i don't know why, but whenever you put pictures in your post, blogger adds *div* (replace * with <)tags. you can go into the html view of your post and see them. and basically, they add space and sometimes change the spacing of your font, which i believe it did on your post.

i just go through and delete those tags. but you have to make sure you get all of them or they come back. it's a major pain but for me, it has to be done. the more pictures you add, the bigger the spaces - which i can't tolerate.

hope that helps. and thanks for visiting my blog.

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