Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yesterday Jay and I took his brother and his and his sweet girlfriend down to the Smithsonian's. It was a nice day. Since I grew up right outside of DC I have been to the Smithsonian's countless times. So many school trips, every time a relative would come to town and so on. But here I am as an adult :) :) taking relatives down there. Since I have so many photos of there I really did not take many. However, there is always a few.

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Since Gregory was born we have called him turtle. SO this was a no brainer and I don't think I have that one.
I also took this one for Gregory sine he loves curious George and curious George is often in the museum seeing dinosaurs.
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The Hope diamond. I will take the curse if I could sport that one.
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And lastly I took this one to remind my husband every holiday, birthday and anniversary that he needs to step up the gift giving.
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Whether I get my tiara or not I still love him good days, bad days and all in between.
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Aunt Angie said...

Cool pictures!---and I went on down the page --"OUCH" indeed! Yes, every girl(woman) needs a tiara!!! (For those days when we need a "boost")
Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday spot! The chickens are my mother-in-laws. My husband built the chicken house and brought the chickens over for his "handicapped" brother to enjoy as a hobby. They are "laying hens" and they usually have surplus in eggs! Our oldest grandson runs to "talk to the chickens" every time we take him over there. He even includes them in his bedtime prayers!
Have a blessed day!!!

Anonymous said...

That's right! I forgot you live in D.C. That's awesome!

I took my first and probably last trip to D.C. in April.
It was funn but WAY TOO TIRING for a vacation. Next time it's magaritas on the beach!

I need some advice, please!!! Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That's
It's about my girl and her diapers

Anonymous said...

He he -- you don't like the idea of hosing her down?

I know. I think I'm just going to keep putting the diaper on her. One of us will break -- pray it's not me!

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