Monday, September 17, 2007

A happy homecomming

Today is my first day back with the family since I left last week. Oh how I missed them so. Last Wednesday I drove to my new temporary home in Fredricksburg, VA. I walked in to a hotel room that was unfamiliar, cold (the a/c was way to high, but at least it worked), and not at all the mommy retreat I had made it out to be in my mind. The pool was closed for the season, the what I had pictured lavish bathroom was an old part of the early 80 that was forgotten. Worst of all my family was not there to cuddle up with. I was so sad and questioning what did I do. The next morning I went to my new job to the familiar face of my boss. I was happy to see him. He walked me into the restaurant and a few of us had a lenghty meeting but I was still happy because as the meeting went on I got to know the other managers. And that was the first few hours of my new life.

The day went on and I had to read. A lot of reading, we are talking 10 hours that day. All week I was scheduled to read and I manage 50 hour weeks! I am not a reader and really do not like doing it. But I read and read, I learned a lot about the company and its policies and procedures and brand standards. The week consisted of a lot of reading but Saturday and Sunday things turned around. I got to mingle with the customers and kiss babies. I was so ready to do both. I was having fun and meeting new people. Meeting my employees, and learning how to manage them let alone an entire restaurant. I was happy but I still really missed my family and the 12 hour days which were really longer seemed to drag on forever.

6 o'clock PM Sunday. I started my countdown. I don't think I got anything done that last hour. I sat and watched every minute of my life and my children's life that I was not there for tick away. I was counting down till 7 PM till I could hit the road and the 3 hour journey that laid ahead. However at the end would be hugs and kisses and my little guys wrapped around me.

Shortly after I hit the road with a Thermos of coffee that would rival anyone from my home in Seattle. I flew up 95 passing everyone energized and full of life, I was going to see my babies in a few hours! I drove by my folks house and called. Sorry mom and dad I love you but I need to see my kids. They understood and were encouraging. As not to my knowing but they had been up to my house earlier that day and had played with the boys.

Finally I was home!!!! Yea, back in PA back to 14 fIR St. I was so happy! I pushed through the door, the light was on but no one came running. I walked to the room they were in and they were so happy to see me but followed quickly by mom you got me a surprise? I gave them their surprises and they played with them?! Not the momma loving I expected.

However, the house was immaculate. I was so surprised. Even the dishes were done. There were a bunch of problems but lets just focus on the positive. And they had nothing to do with the house being unclean but my husbands... I don't know what to call it. Just 1 example the fish tank now had completely blue water? How did that happen? The shower broke. And he is a plumber. Sorry I said lets focus on the positive. I was SO happy to find the house in this condition. I did not expect it. Ahh.... I love him. I missed him and I know he missed me. My oldest said mommy daddy missed you a lot.

I missed them so much and am so happy to be home that I will now get off the computer and go play some more with my beautiful children.


Anonymous said...

Awh, that's so rough! You are being so strong. I know you and your family will be stronger after all of this. I'm praying for you. When do you get to go home again? I miss hearing from you as much as I used to.
I hope you're doing OK today.

Anonymous said...

Uh, where are the pics?

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