Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Christina,

Every time I try to leave you a comment I get "comment submission error". So I shall leave you a message here. I am fine. I am leaving tomorrow for Selingsgrove, PA. It pretty much is smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania. I supposedly am going to be staying in a wonderful place with a very high King size four poster bed, antique furnishings, and I believe I hope a fire place. It sounds good but lets see.

My camera broke! I am devastated. No pictures of this room, no thanksgiving pictures and it defiantly puts a wrinkle in my plans. I wanted to get a good picture of the boys for a holiday card but now I have to figure something out. We are sending it away to be repaired so I hope it is back by Christmas.

Speaking of which...I have also been Christmas shopping. I bought my niece the rose petal cottage collection. This is great on many levels. 1 She will love it. 2 I love her so I am happy to spoil my sweetie. 3 I don't get along with her parents and this toy is supposed to be HUGE. :)

As far as Thanksgiving goes....have it catered. It is so much easier, less stress and less clean up.
Can you believe it is almost here? I am gearing up for black Friday. Mapping down my route and hitting it early, and I am one of those 5 am shoppers. Do you do black Friday? I don't do it every year but every other. I usually need that much time to recover.

I have been home the last few days. Cleaning a lot! Such an endless daunting task. I also took Gregory to his ridding lesson yesterday. He did well the horse was so stubborn I would have swore he was ridding an a**.

Lastly yes those pictures were with to makeup or touch ups. However, that was a better day. If you would see me right now not as pretty.

Have a great day!


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