Sunday, November 4, 2007


My favorite part of the morning besides my oldest saying mom its a new day or my baby opening my eyes saying wake up mommy is coffee by the fire.

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I love getting warmed up inside and out. This is one of the many perks that make fall and winter wonderful. Since I always enjoy my mornings with kids my best buddy wanted to take a picture of us together in front of the fire place too.
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But after I am warm here is where I am for the next hour or so. Catching up with all of you guys. And yes this is me before the shower, hair and make up. So I must retreat to the bathroom now and get cleaned up for church.
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Anonymous said...


This blog looks like it is working out great for you. I hadn't realized you had left homestead until I saw your name and thought... you hadn't posted in a while, and I check and you have a new blog! Lots of pictures and fun! Good luck to you with your new job and your Dh will need time to adjust to the changes of being a sahd... I'm thinking he probably realizes why perhaps some days are just more useless than others...LOL.


Anonymous said...

Tell the truth -- did you primp before you took these pictures?

Anonymous said...

Hi, there!
How's the job going?

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