Monday, February 11, 2008

Chili Cook Off

Oh those 3 words cook up such a picture in my head. I love chili cook offs! The competition, the smell, the community, and most of all the Chili. Yes that wonderful concoction that everybody puts together a little different. And I get to taste the all.

I was born in Texas and eventually moved to Washington D.C only to settle in with a church and community that was also native Texan. I really mean it too. For instance: 3 of my direct across the street and next door neighbors all came up from Texas too and last living in the same part I was from Galveston/ Houston.


My parents would drag me to all sorts of chili cook offs and now we are dragging my kids. It is no nice to be able to continue this event that I love with my DH and now my little boys. Only to be made better by the fact that my parents are still coming too.


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