Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tie Dye

The children are such crafters. They love to make, bake, mold, color, build, paint if the can craft it, they will. Tie Dying sounded like such a perfect and fun activity for the children. I was always hesitant because of the mess of the dyes. But at our wonderful craft store I found a tie dye kit that was self contained! No dipping in different buckets. No paint everywhere it is all done in 1 container. Okay I still put down a protective cover over the table just in case.
We soaked the shirts in a solution, wrapped them in rubber bands, stuffed them in the tube and the dying begun.
We then let the shirts soak over night. It was so much fun all 3 boys enjoyed it and are very proud of the finished creation. Now white shirts are on the shopping list.

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