Friday, June 5, 2009

Waiting for the children

The house is quite and still. The movement has seized as the children are away. Oh how do we miss them. I miss rolling over in bed to find my 4 year old has crawled up in it looking at me with such a sweet face, curly hair and BIG brown eyes saying "hello mama I sleep with you." I love the closeness. I then kiss him close my eyes so he will close his again.


I miss my oldest and all his questions. His excitement when he hears the answer he wants. "Yes its Mommy's day off" "Yes its a t-ball day" "No I love you even more than that." He is a comedian and keeps you well entertained throughout the day.


Such sweet kids such wonderful blessings. We now have a date for our newest! At a doctors visit yesterday they told me that if baby does not come by Monday I am to check in to Labor and Delivery 6 am Tuesday morning for an induction. I am excited and scared. I have had one child induced and it sure is quick and painful. But it is labor. Within that day I will be holding a soft a new baby and all will be okay. I am still hoping everyday that it is he day. Maybe June 5th is an unknown birthday.


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Anonymous said...

Karen - It is so good to see you! I love your blog and will be visiting you often. Kind of like a window into your family life and I love the view! By the way, you look beautiful! Loved you and praying for you....Ginny

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