Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brendan's Birth Story

Waiting, wondering, waiting, worrying, was all wearing on me. I am a patient person but when you are waiting for something as wonderful as a new baby every second feels like an hour. Every discomfort or slight pain I would want to run around the house collecting out bags thinking this was it. I waited and waited and the child I thought would be here by the end of May still was not here by the end of the first week of June. The doctors and I had all ready arranged a birthday if it was not meant to be sooner. June 9th. Why not? June 9th seemed like a perfectly good day for, as did so many of the proceeding days. But knowing it would be no latter than June 9th gave an end day to the wait but only increased my worrying and wondering.

Picking the day myself rather than letting God pick the day was a upsetting me. Not at the moment I did it but in the 5 days in between. At the moment I did it I was just happy at the thought to not be pregnant any longer. In the duration I kept thinking there is a reason I had not yet gone into labor. This baby obviously needed more time in the womb. What if, those terrible 2 words, I am doing something wrong, superseding Gods will with my own selfishness. So I prayed. I prayed that I would be blessed with this child before the 9th so it would be his will an not mine. I prayed for a healthy baby and safe delivery. I prayed for the well being of the entire family all 5 of us.

The days went on. Some fast and full of activity others dreadfully slow. I couldn't believe baby was not here. No one could. My boys who had just spent the last week at their grandparents house were now getting to go back for a second week only after a short weekend stay at home. We missed them so much last week we were not looking forward to letting them go this week but we did know certainly this week baby would come. Monday morning they left.

During the day without the children my husband and I spent it together. We went out to lunch, went shopping and took a walk. The anxiety of the tomorrows events were weighing upon us. We are going to be parents again!

As I settled into the coach to watch a little evening TV, quietly,I felt baby moving. "Yup there you are sweet one I will meet you tomorrow." I stayed relaxed but baby was up. And there they were small little contractions much like ones I had felt before throughout the pregnancy. I looked at the clock and started watching the time. Ten minutes later there it was another! Yes but this has happened to me before. Watching timed contractions having them be 10, 15 minutes apart but then just stopping. I was excitied but still hesitant. Ten minutes later they were routinly comming and then they moved down to 5. I was excitied. Five minutes, thats promising. I walked around the house closing all the windows locking some door and doing a few other readiness tasks.

I called the doctor and spoke with her about how my contractions were coming close but were not strong or painfull. I told here I was worried about them changing because my opther two births were very quick. She said to come on in and we will moniter whats going on.

I ran to tell my husband the good news. He reacted in his normal its time anouncement...absent minded. We were on our way and the contractions stopped. Nothing. No more closer to labor than I was any other day. I walked into the hospital with my head down in dissapointment and told the doctor they stopped.
The doctor said to go ahead and admit me despite this and we would preceed with the induction in the morning.

Morning came and so did our baby!

After not a very long labor and two pushes he was out. We now had in our arms a big, beautiful, heathy baby boy.




Born with a dark head of hair.


We were so happy! He is so cute.


You are who we have been waiting all this time for.


Labor and birthing is tough. It wasn't without a few complications. But in a short time it is over and in its place is the sweetest blessing. "Children are a gift from the Lord" Plams 127:3

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