Sunday, July 12, 2009

An apology

Dear House,

I am sorry that we have let you go. You see its just been busy here with the new baby and all. Since he's moved in we have been overwhelmed but we still love you. There might be dishes piled in the sink but just think of those meals we spent with you. Sure the carpet is covered by blankets but look at all the joy on the children's faces while they play on them. Yes toys are everywhere because you are so much fun to play with. And the trash? Yes at least we are still taking that out :)

So house today is your day. We will spend it showing you our love. I know how much you love to be swept and vacuumed, like a rub on the belly. We will wipe your eyes so we can see out and the sun will sine in. House we will take care of you. We love you house, thanks for being our home.

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