Sunday, July 5, 2009

A realization about processed foods

In all the posts I like to include pictures of our family and daily life. We are ones who never leave home without a camera so there are hard drives at our home full with photos. Long since the day of photo albums.

Since Brendan's birth there has been an absence of me in all these pictures. Two reasons can sum it up
1. I am 90% of the time the picture taker
2. Vanity

I put on a lot of weight again with this pregnancy and now I need to lose it.

I have made a good start popping out a 9lb baby and all the stuff that comes with it dropped a quick 20lbs off. That is great motivation for more. Plus I have the added comments of my sweet 6 year old and my mother.

6yo- pinches my back and chants back fat. I want to give him nothing to be able to pinch.

my mother- when telling her about going to the pool her honest reply by the speed it rolled out of her mouth, you can't wear/fit in to a swim suit can you? A quick apology did follow as I stood there jaw drop and said yes mom they do make bigger swim suits. Which I did put on and wear to the pool.

Summer is a great time to lose weight. The weather is great for walking my favorite thing to do and there is a bountiful of fresh fruit and vegetables. Lately I have been very observant about processed foods, how much I am eating and how it makes me feel. With the great farmers markets I have been eating a lot more salads and fresh local food YUM. But with the children we are often still doing the fast food lunch. I have definitely noticed the difference I feel afterwards. On the forth we went to McDonald's for lunch. A easy way to make 4 kids very happy and not to blow a budget when feeding 8. Halfway through my lunch I put down the food and started feeling horrible. I know it was due to what I was eating. I could not shake that feeling and did not eat the rest of the day.

The next morning I was hungry and wanted something quick because baby was needing a lot. Rather than grab some quick and easy fruit. I threw in a frozen pizza. Yes still frozen processed but at least its organic. It was pretty good but I did not feel great afterwards but a least not sick. Running errands later in the day everyone became hungry. We grabbed lunch at Sam's Club I got another piece of pizza. I again felt sick and was nauseated by their pizza. Is it all in my head? I don't think so. I took a while before I felt better again.

SO what am I going to do. The answer to me is pretty clear. I am going to try to cut out as much processed foods as possible. I am going to feed my family better than fast food. I am going to attempt to lose weight by changing my diet. Anything to avoid getting on the floor and doing one of those awful crunches. Maybe I will even dust off that stupid wii fit.

Welcome to my weight loss journey.


Me- 5'2" 140lbs
The big shirt is on to hide a big butt
DH- 6' 170lbs?
He will end up loseing too

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