Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Candy

Being that Brendan was 9 months old he could not have the traditional Easter Basket his big brothers got. There was a chocolate bunny but it got confiscated by one of the boys, probably Evan. His basket consisted of mostly large hard candy like ring pops. Ring pops with there high amount of sugar should probably not be gave to a child let alone a baby but he holed it! And it turned him blue.


He had peeps in there too. He loved them. He stuck them in his mouth with such a serious determination to eat them. Soft, sugary, marshmallow delicious. Yummy. In all the pictures he he was focused, intent and loving peeps. My boy for sure.


But at 9 months old you don't really need an Easter Basket. You just need love and big brother who like to be with you even if they put you basket on you head.


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