Sunday, April 4, 2010

A third taker for our cozy coupe

If you had to guess what is Americas best selling car what would you think? An Accord, Taurus, Outback? Who do you think is the maker? Would you believe it is Little tike's with the Cozy Coupe. Yup that's true for 31 years the cozy coupe. And now we have our 3rd son taking his places as a cozy coupe driver too.


Yes that's right Smiley is crazy about being able to hit the green road. He fits in so well to his little automobile.

No worries about the high prices of gas for him. Or the fact that he can not reach the ground to make his car go, he has help. A few push and this environmentally friendly duo work together.


As far as his big brothers. They are not sad they can no longer call the coupe their main source of transportation. They have moved on to bigger and better.


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