Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to beat the heat

The heat is unbeatable. The days are lingering in the 90's- low 100's. The humidity makes it feel like you are being hit upside the head with a heavy damp towel. I thought that this summer would be a great summer for family activities and catching up around the house but not in this heat. It is an east coast epidemic with heat warning out every day. Not to mention the fact the rain has seen to have disappeared for almost a month now.

I find myself exhausted on the coach, unproductive and unmotivated. And the summer is passing me by. I need to beat the heat and get up and get moving.

The little ones found a way to stay cool. They love to play in the pool. The nice cool water .


Smiley absolutely loves it! He spends his time splashing and drinking the water. Our little pool is perfect for him. He crawls all over, can sit and stand. He can catch up with his big brothers in here.


They dump the toys everywhere and I am surprised they have any room to swim.


They got the right idea. Now I think I have my afternoon plans.

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Michelle said...

Hi! I came over from the Blog Hop!!!

Your boys are adorable. We have been hanging out in the pool continually this summer as well (except that one day when all 3 of my kiddos just said the water was too hot...wha?) LOL

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