Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our high seas adventure comes to an end

Last night the boys wrapped up two weeks of the high seas adventure bible school. Yes two weeks! So you can imagine Dad and I are a little relieved to have a break from constant carpooling and shuffling the boys from here to there.

The boys loved it so it defiantly made it all worth it. My kids are bible school nuts. They love to go. Really what kid does not? So far they have been to 3 this summer and we still have at least 1 more on the books, our own churches.

High seas adventure was a great bible school with a great captain leading them through.


The leaders, the sets and the activities kept my boys looking forward to coming back each and every night. And that can be tough to keep the boys interest on the same thing for two weeks!

But they learned the songs. Loved doing the chants. One night while my oldest was asleep he yelled "High Ho" in his sleep. Boy did that make me smile.

They left the boys with the songs on cd so we can keep on praising the Lord all the time. Plus I can not tell you how darling it is to turn around and see in the back seat my little boys doing the motions as the music plays. They are precious.


Our house is full of crafts and bible buddies. We will keep looking forward to next weeks adventure. We will keep our eyes on God.


So good by to all our friends at high seas adventure we will see you next year for what we know will be another great vacation bible school!


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