Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 2 - Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

Day 2 - Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

I was planning on going out for black Friday but I have not completely decided to yet. I love getting up and shopping so early everyone is still sleeping in my house and for the most part the town. I love conquering everything before 7 am. But I hate the lines and battling for a parking spot that is half a mile from the store littlery. But the fliers I have been receiving are tempting.

My pro list for black Friday:

1. I see it as a sport, a physical challenge. I love to events, sports that push myself.

2. There are some great deals out there to be had.

3. I get a lot of shopping done very early and have a positive and again early start on the day.

4. I will be down in Harrisonburg, VA a bigger city with better stores, more stores.

My con list for black Friday:

1. I barely get enough sleep as it is and could use the extra few hours.

2. The crowds and parking are insane.

3. Peoples attitudes are anything but the Christmas spirit.

4. I would spend more than I normally would.

5. You can usually find just as good deals the weeks before Christmas if you shop around. And online almost always has much better deals when you check places like overstock.

6. Being pregnant this might put to much stress on my body.

7. I will be in a city I am less familiar with. Even though I have a GPS I can't plan and plot out my strategies like I could on my home turf.

8. I hate when the item I came for has all ready been sold out and the store has only been open for a few minutes.

Looks like my con list is bigger.

My best black Friday memory is a few years back. I had just two little boys, they were pretty young. I had been studying the adds and had it all planned out. I woke up early so early. I grabbed my coffee mummered some excitement to my husband and left. I hit store after store. Spending more time parking and waiting to pay than anything else. I got some great deals filled up my trunk and headed home. Not to stop but to make a drop off. My husband was waiting there awake for me with more coffee ready! It was so kind and thoughtful. He helped me unload handed me my refreshed hot cup and cheered me on. This was all before 7 am too. He is not a morning person in the least bit. I would even argue is he a noon person. I made a few more stops and had finished all my shopping. Well 95% at least. There were just a few random and afterthought things I picked up before Christmas. But I was pretty much done all the holiday season shopping knocked out before noon in one day. I was able to focus on the things that mattered for the rest of the holiday.


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