Sunday, November 7, 2010

Having more children

I love babies, I love my kids. I am so fortunate to have both. Two active little boys 7 and 5, an adorable 1 year old and a blessing one the way. I can't wait! New baby smell, that bald head to rub against, little tiny features and big heart warming eyes.

Smiley has stole our hearts. He dances when he sees us. His baby sounds, expressions, kisses all the love he gives is priceless. He is a lap baby and also a big boy. He thinks he is as big as his brothers and tries his best to keep up with them. But he is a baby and we often see him doing his baby things or watching baby shows. Everything about him makes you smile.


Five has got to be one of the best ages. What they come up with and there sayings are the best. Evan keeps me laughing continually. Plus he is a bundle of love, he still wants to be our little boy. Kind, generous, giving, loveing, sweet, darling and so cute sum him up. I hope he will always carry those traits.

Seven has been wonderful. We got past 6. Every year we kept saying this is the best year yet! We thought babies were the perfect bundles more and more fun as they grew then we hit 6. That was a tough year but seven came and it ended. Seven has been a great year of discovery, learning, helping, and so much hugs and cuddles. Gregory is amazing. He is such a happy boy and what a great helper.

What is awesome to see is the love. These boys love each other, all off them (most days.)



One of the reasons we continue having kids is we are just so over the moon with the ones we have. I could not imagine my life with out any one of them I can only see us adding to the family. However with all the joy that brings it also lays upon us a heavier finical burden.

As we are getting ready to welcome baby 4 to our family we face joy and cost greater than any of the other kids. With this blessing it is more that we need then another crib and a layette set. We need a larger house and a larger car. We simply have outgrown this house. We need more bedrooms, more play room, a larger yard, and ABSOLUTELY another bathroom, or 2 or 3. I have a 5 passenger car and now with a six person family that wont do. Our cost of living is skyrocketing.

Having a family of five is expensive and I know things will get a little tighter with six. Our family loves to eat out. All of us go once a week after church on Sunday. (Jay everyday! Pet peeve of mine) No matter where you go feeding this many is a lot. If we go to McDonald's it adds up, and for the end price we would rather go somewhere better. For a bit more we can go to a nice restaurant and enjoy it but still it is almost regrettable when we get the bill at the end then there is tip too. We have a favorite Mexican restaurant that we partake of most frequently. The food is good, the staff is great, they accommodate and love the kids, and we always have a great time. Price wise it falls in between fast food and fine dinning so we don't mind spending the little bit more.



Right now the kids are young. What about the cost to feed them when they are older? How about when they turn 16 and want/need cars of their own? Clothing all of them? We don't really have hand me downs they wear their clothes pretty hard right now and by the end of the season they are not in any kind of shape to pass down. At least these are all in the future. I have time to think of a plan.

Right now the cost of their sports and activities is a lot. The running around I do for them takes a lot of gas. I went with my middle child shopping the other day and we picked out a few Christmas presents. WOW. The total price soared. How to afford birthdays and holidays for a family of 6 and their relatives.

So how many kids should we have? How many kids is to much? Do you stop at where you are stretched out or find more ways to expand your income. I think about these issues and I think about the children and two definite answers come to my heart.
1. We love the children! We would never not want any of them and can't imagine we would not want any more that God will bless us with.
2. God will provide. He is in control and will take care of our need and often graces us with our wants.

So how much is to much? I don't know if there is a too much.

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I think this is such a personal question - no one knows what's in your heart! You raise good questions to think about.

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