Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Front Page News !!?!!!!!

The Day before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days for papers.  It is our little towns biggest paper of the year.  Stuffed full of adds for black Friday and many extras.  The paper was doing an insert for Thanksgiving about traditions.  I had talked to them about our family and our thanksgiving tree and something special I was planning on doing with the tree for my family.  They loved the story and said they would include it in there.  I thought how cool and was waiting for Wednesday to get here so I could go buy it.  I did not tell my kids they would be in the paper I wanted to surprise them.

I had to work that day and the paper comes out after I go to work so I could not pick it up.  Before noon I was walking around town and purposely walked by street news stands and they were all sold out, everyone of them.  I was dishearten.  I thought I would not get a paper and be able to save it for my kids.  The article was online but.. I wanted the newsprint.

After work I stopped by a gas station to get a drink and hopefully find a paper.  How could a whole town be sold out.  I walked in and went to the paper stand and my jaw dropped.  I froze.  It was like I was hit with a stick of disbelief.  There it was the paper and there on the FRONT page was our article!


OMGoodness!!  2 of my handsome boys were on the cover of the biggest paper of the year.  My shock turned into a smile.  A big smile I could not wipe off my face.


And then there is the article.  My secret.  It was not only in the paper but on the cover.  Needless to say my phone and facebook lit up.  Take a moment read the article.


 When does a normal mother having a baby make front page news?  When you live in a small town and not much else is happening.  And 5 babies out here is not news either.  I live in Amish/ Mennonite/ Kate +8 country big families are the norm and mine is still not considered big with 5 little ones.  Front page worthy or not it was so exciting to see the article there. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 we are so happy to have another baby.  And for my 2 big celebrity boys, yea they think they are all that now, super stars.


Vivian said...

SO AWESOME!I know I loved the tree idea! Can only imagine the kid's reaction. And they will be able to tell about this to the many generations to come :)

Jacque said...

I wanted to stop by, and let you know that I'm having to put my Soda Parlor on Private for awhile. I would love for you to still come and visit. Please email me at and so I get your email address to send you an invitation.



Teresa said...

Oh how fabulous for you all! What a thrill to make the front page and what a wonderful and exciting way to make your announcement. Congratulations, that is fantastic news! xo

michelle said...

Congratulations on baby #5!!!!!!!! And it's so unbelievably awesome that your news and your boys made front page news!!
And your tree tradition really IS cool. :)

Karen said...

Wow! First I was impressed with your front page status...and then I read the article!!!! Congratulations! Hooray for you and your family! #5!

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