Friday, November 11, 2011


What a day, we won't have another like it for 13 more months, 12-12-12.  Honestly I am tired of hearing all the comments about it.  No reason they should be getting to me but they are.  I do believe that it is the perfect day to get married or birth a child, if you are like me and can never remember any dates.  Nope not even the kids birthdays.  They correct me all the time.  But I do love lists and what a perfect day for a top 11 list!  Here are my top 11 favorite things on 11-11-11.

1.  Shades of Wyldemor I have been coming back to the site daily this week and just loving the dresses.  I encourage you to check them out but don't buy any just in case I want to commit to that dress.  (they are one of a kinds)

2. My computer it keeps me connected.

3. Taking pictures and editing them.  But I would love it even more with a much needed new camera.

4. My kids school.  It is just awesome.  I love the school, I love the teachers, I love the philosophy, and I love how much they love it.  It is the best place for them and they are thriving.

5. Drooling over thanksgiving menus.  I have been flipping through magazines.  Wasting time on food network.  Looking over printables to go with the meals online.  Yum I truly love the Thanksgiving menu and can't wait to eat.

6. Hair bows.  I just think they are the greatest and love dressing up Faith in them.

7. Modern Family.  That show makes me laugh.  Not that I get a chance to watch it but enjoy it when I do.

8. My pellet stove.  It keeps me warm and I love to sit on top of it (and yes I am amazingly able to withstand the heat and not get burned if wearing clothes) and read my magazines.

9.  My job.  I am learning so much, teaching so much and finding joy and accomplishment in my work.  I truly feel loved and appreciated 

 Can you believe this they even make braille wine labels!

10. My church Five Forks Church it is simply the best we have ever been to.  I love going there, all the activities it offers, all the friends I have made, the positives influences on my children, the childcare so I to can learn.  It is there I have built my faith and my love for God and his church.

11.  You knew this one was coming.... MY KIDS!!!!  Love them everyday!  SO much, they are such blessing.  Just the best and I am so proud of them.


Vivian said...

I know...everywhere!! On FB, on blogland, they even open the very first H&M store here in Utah today! Your kiddos are beautiful. Haven't heard anyting but postive about Montessori and Modern Family?Great choice my friend! For the record most of us Colombian woman are much like Gloria..;) She is actually from my hometown..I know her!!!

Vivian said...

You are too sweet for your nice comments about me (and Colombian women) Yep it's Shakira! She is actually my friend, I posted about her a while back but then my blog became to public and for sake of her privacy I don't post much pictures or stories of us. See here:
Small world huh!!?
By the way..when I type super fast and don't proofread you get my horrible sorry: "anytHing" and Colombian "womEn"...blahhh

michelle said...

LOVE me some Modern Family! And I love that last pic of your kiddos too. :)

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